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In this dramatic new novella from the New York Times bestselling author of Torn and Connected, two people discover that even the truest love has ups and downs…

Jagger Kennedy never went looking for fame, he just fell into it. After scoring a major modeling contract, his clean-cut good looks and charm catapulted his career. But when his actress girlfriend breaks his heart, he moves to L.A. to try his hand at acting. He needs to make a change, and the last thing he’s looking for is love…

Aerie Daniels is a woman in control … until she meets Jagger. Her surprising connection with him leaves her stunned, and it’s unlike anything she’s ever felt. But just when she lets her walls fall, she makes a startling discovery about him that breaks her fragile heart into a million pieces.

To keep from losing the one woman he can’t bear to be without, Jagger is willing to give up anything—including his career. But even that might not be enough to regain Aerie’s shattered trust…

Includes a preview of the next Connections series novel, Mended.

Praise for the Connections series

“I was riveted from the first line.” —New York Times bestselling author A.L. Jackson

“Incredibly emotional, romantic, sexy, and addictive.”—New York Times bestselling author Samantha Young

“Unpredictable, and downright hot.”—K.A. Tucker, author of Ten Tiny Breaths

Kim Karr lives in Florida with her husband and four kids. She’s always had a love for books and recently decided to embrace one of her biggest passions—writing.  Her Connection series novels include Connected, Torn, and Mended.

April 1
Penguin Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

Big bull Akita ,


Was good! I liked it & that it had dahlia and river in it some !!!

ZandaMarie ,

As sweet as cupcakes!

Though this was a novella, it had plenty of of action from beginning to end. It felt like I was reading a full-length novel.

We get a really cute intro to the story with an Alice in Wonderland reference. So that right there tells you that you're about to read a great story. Aerie and Jagger have great banter between the two when they're simply strangers. That chemistry that forms when they first meet only gets better and hotter.

I really liked the balance between sweet and sexy in this story. Which is how I feel the characters are individually. The two have personalities that are on both sides of the spectrum. They get on so well and provide a little something extra for one another. Though there is an insta-love aspect to their relationship, I thought the story spanned over a good amount of time. They spent enough time together and had enough in common for them to just click. I never for a second questioned their feelings for each other.

Aerie was a strong, independent woman who was used to being in control of every detail of her life. Meeting Jagger added a whole new kind of excitement that was foreign to her.
Jagger is witty and handsome, but most importantly, caring. He cares deeply for Aerie and wants to help loosen her up a bit.

Fans of the first two books will be very happy to see River and Dahlia make a few appearances in this novella.

A very sweet and adorable love story that's a great little addition the the amazing Connections series.

Dazed was a pretty quick read, but was filled with just enough angst and a great storyline. These characters will quickly draw you into their world and keep you there!

Annmric8 ,

Quick and to the point romance

Very quick read with no surprises and no angst. It was nice to get reacquainted with the characters from Connected and Torn. I missed reading about River. I was surprised how quickly Jagger and Aerie started dating. Their relationship moved very quickly. It would have been nice to drag it out a little more. Kim's writing style is still amazing, but I miss reading a good long passionate romance that captures my heart and pulls at my heart strings. I was not enraptured in the story like I was in Connected or Torn, but it was okay.

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