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A college football quarterback on his way back to class stumbles upon his zombie classmate feasting on their dead professor and realizes that the world as he knew it has been completely destroyed.

Zack Holloway's scared. He's confused, he's disoriented. He asks himself what's going on. But he doesn't know. It's not like anyone's alive to tell him anyway. Just a short trip to the bathroom, a welcome break from the geology class that puts him to sleep and his world is turned upside down. He sees things that defy explanation: His classmate eating his professor, his professor getting up, shrugging off fatal injuries and coming for him.
Zack knows he must get out of this nightmare. But when he's inadvertently trapped in the faculty building by a fellow survivor, he soon discovers that the living may be even more dangerous than the monstrous undead.

Fiction & Literature
March 9
Kent Reaper
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Terlbear ,

Quick fun read

This is a good quick read. Kent writes in a way that you can somewhat visualize what's going on. The story caries well and is not boring. It was a nice quick read.

skateboarder 101 ,

Review of dead college

This book is amazing I wish all books were similar to this I will be looking forward to reading the rest of your collection hopefully you have some more zombie books cause that's my passion I read this book in 45 minutes and that's what I like reading a short book and getting right to the interesting parts of it

301981 ,

Best book

I was flabbergasted when I read this book. I personally am very picky about books but this book I didn't want to put it down if you get it it has a lot of cussing in it so let only 11 and up read that is mature 11 year olds.

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