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Evaluating trace evidence is her job…

When Sierra Byrd’s father needs a kidney transplant, despite her parents’ protest claiming they could never ask for her help, Sierra insists on being tested for the transplant. But when results prove it is physically impossible for her father to be her biological father, her family finally confesses their long-held secret. She was conceived in an affair her mother had the summer before her parents’ wedding. The man she’d come to know as father is named on her birth certificate, but he truly isn’t her father.

But the job just turned personal.

Shocked and hurt, Sierra goes in search of her biological father in the small coastal town where he owns a property management business. But when she arrives in town to find her father has recently disappeared, and she starts asking questions, FBI Agent Reed Rice delivers her second shock in as many days. Her father is wanted for embezzling money from the properties he manages. Despite the evidence staring her in the face, Sierra holds out hope that her father isn’t the criminal that Reed believes him to be. But as Sierra’s desperate search for the truth unearths long-buried secrets and she runs into dead end after dead end, she ignites a killer’s fury, and suddenly her own life is on the line.

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September 30
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LGHudson ,


DEAD END (Truth Seekers Book 3) by Susan Sleeman is Suspense in the 1st Degree! Sleeman can always be counted on for writing a terrific romantic suspense book, but she is on the top of her suspense game with this book! You will want to shut out the rest of the world to read it from start to finish!

Sierra Byrd is in charge of trace evidence for Veritas, the private investigative unit who are able to reunite missing families through DNA matches, help forensic pathologists identify deceased bodies and do intricate studies involving crime scenes as well as many other things. Her father desperately needs a kidney transplant but her parents plead with her not to even be tested to see if she’s a match. Sierra is fiercely independent because she’s grown up being the oldest & has five younger brothers. Each of them is in one of the Law Enforcement branches & so is her father. Sierra decides to take the DNA Test anyway because she truly wants to help her father. What that one simple test reveals will change things for the rest of her life!

As Sierra sets out to the mysterious find Eddie Barnes and find the answers to so many questions, she discovers him missing and that’s only the tip of the deep, black hole of suspense. What follows? 1) Sierra’s arrest(??) 2) being hounded by an overly aggressive (as well as drop dead good-looking), by the book, his way or the highway FBI Agent Reed Rice, 3) joint investigation into a complex case of a missing person & missing money, 4) what are Sierra and Reed going to do about all this electricity between the two of them since they are like fire and ice? Sleeman continues building the suspense throughout her plot and as always, will have you reading as fast as you can to see what kind of believable perilous situations she has thought up for her heroine (in this case), who will solve the case and how the case will be solved.

I was provided an ARC of this book by the author. The opinions expressed here are completely my own and without influence.

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