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Two crewmen of the crab vessel Avilda are missing—presumed dead—under very suspicious circumstances. The Bering Sea offers ample means and opportunity, but without bodies, a motive, or evidence of foul play, the DA doesn’t have a case. And so, freelancing again for her former employer, Kate Shugak finds herself working undercover in one of Alaska’s most dangerous professions: crab fisherman. It’s an assignment that will take her from the debauchery of Dutch Harbor to the most isolated of the Aleutians, and if the job itself doesn’t kill her, her unsavory crewmates just might.

Third in Stabenow’s Edgar Award-winning series of Alaskan mysteries, Dead in the Water is richly informed by the author’s own upbringing aboard an Alaskan fishing vessel.

Mysteries & Thrillers
April 25
Gere Donovan Press
Gere Donovan Press

Customer Reviews

Marina Ariadne ,

It's a rough, tough life Of toil and strife

That's crabbing in a nutshell!

I wasn't too surprised to see Rolling Down to Old Maui come out of Kate's mouth, and glad I am she's considering singing again. I will always hear that song in the late Stan Rogers's voice.

As always, a Kate Shugak book takes me on several side trips to Wikipedia to learn more about a place or an event. This time, I started the book about 11:30pm, and finished it at--what do you mean it's almost 6am? Better than tossing and coughing and wishing I could sleep with this cold!

I always appreciate the history, more exposure to Aleut culture, and geography lessons. This time I was introduced to story knives, and basket weaving with rye grass.

I saw at least a bit of Deadliest Catch, and in the SF Bay Area, we're likely to have Dungeness rather than tanner crabs, and the crabbers are out of Half Moon Bay instead of Anchorage, but I knew something going in about how scary open ocean crabbing is. That didn't really matter: you're taken out of your favorite reading location and dropped on the deck of a crabber in the middle of the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea so well that your hands numb from the cold, and your exhaled breath turns to ice, upon leaving your body.

Read this with something hot to drink. It'll help warm your hands back up.

HogKiller ,

Fun & Addictive

Dana gives you a glimpse into life in Alaska, only without the cold or mosquitoes.

The stories ave enough color and background to make it very easy to become part of it.

CaKris ,

Kate Shugak series ROCKS.

Written by an Alaskan about an Alaskan. Dana is a visual writer, with the ability to pace her novels to draw you in from the first page and keep you with her to the last. I'm on the fifth in the series, and hoping they never end.

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