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The small town of Mineral Springs, Texas, will never be the same after Alice Carpenter and her cohorts in paranormal and murder investigations depart. Patrick, a gorgeous naked ghost, gains her agreement to help him on his quest to pass through the light, then leads Alice into a crumbling historical hotel, where she discovers a new murder — a woman severed in half at the bottom of an elevator shaft. Will Alice be able to keep her promise to Patrick while she's under suspicion for murder and when confronted by Patrick's arch-enemy, the ghost, Antonio? Alice also must deal with the betrayal of a good friend, a band of guerilla survivalists, and the ghost of the dead woman, who insists that her murderer be brought to justice.

Joined by her Rottweiler, Trucker, her Siamese, Miss Molly, her mentor and teacher, Aunt Twila, her next-door neighbor, Granny Chisholm, and even her ex-husband, Detective Jack Robecheau, Alice attempts to solve these two murders. It takes each and every one of her allies to overcome the new forces against them while she traverses the bowels of the haunted hotel on foot, escapes interrogation confinement on a hair-raising motorcycle ride, and journeys backcountry boondocks with Granny, who fantasizes she's an Indi-500 driver.

With only a few minutes left to expose the murderers and set the ghosts at rest before a bomb destroys the hotel, decisions are vital. Should they save themselves and leave behind the evildoers and restless ghosts, as well as the stolen body in the coffin? Or can they risk their own lives to bring a peaceful existence to the formerly grand hotel?

Mysteries & Thrillers
September 2
TM Simmons
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