Dead Man Series Collection 1: Dead Man Mysteries Books 1, 2 and 3

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Join Author and Paranormal Investigator Alice Carpenter, Along With Her Cohorts, Twila, Granny, Trucker, and Miss Molly, on Their First Three Ghostly Murder Adventures, Plus a Bonus Novella

Novella: Dead Man Love (Series Prequel - Bonus Content)
It's Mardi Gras in party city where fate unites author and paranormal investigator Alice Carpenter and the gorgeous Cajun detective Jack Roucheau over a newly dead body. There are a couple of other murders to solve, too; Billy Ray, a mystery writer who is the latest victim of a voodoo curse, and Elvira, once a voodoo queen in Storyville.

Book 1: Dead Man Talking
Author and paranormal investigator Alice Carpenter is well-practiced at disciplining the ten resident ghosts in her lakeside log cabin near Six Gun, Texas. When her cousin Katy calls looking for help with Sir Gary Gavin, the resident ghost at Esprit d'Chene Plantation, the family mansion near Jefferson, Texas, Alice agrees to come to her rescue.

Book 2: Dead Man Haunt
When Patrick, a gorgeous naked ghost, reaches out to author and paranormal investigator Alice Carpenter and her cohorts for help, the small town of Mineral Springs, Texas, will never be the same. In exchange for helping him journey to the hereafter, Patrick leads Alice into a crumbling historical hotel, where she discovers a new murder—a woman severed in half at the bottom of an elevator shaft.

Book 3: Dead Man Hand
Alice, Twila, Granny, Jack, Trucker, and Miss Molly are smack dab in the middle of another murder investigation, this time in a haunted hotel in Red Dollar, New Mexico. The villain is armed with Black Magic, and there's no escape for anyone during the ice storm.

From the Publisher: Cozy mystery fans and readers who enjoy amateur sleuths, ghosts and a supernatural twist will enjoy this fun series of mysteries with its cast of colorful characters.

"Dead Man Talking is grisly fun! T. M. Simmons is the finest, funniest writer about Texas I've ever read."~Alice Borchardt, author of Raven Warrior

"With ghosts practically outnumbering live characters, this entertaining romp…is certainly worth a gander." ~Library Journal

"All this supernatural phenomena resides inside a delightful who-done-it." ~Harriet Klausner, Reviewer

A Dead Man Mystery Series:
Dead Man Talking
Dead Man Haunt
Dead Man Hand
Dead Man Ohio
Dead Man Love

About the Author:
T. M. Simmons lives in a haunted house on the edge of the East Texas Piney Woods, which she and her husband share with a variety of pets and paranormal residents. In between writing cozy mysteries and other stories, she delights in scaring herself silly during otherworldly encounters and visits haunted buildings and graveyards during both dark and full moons. Her husband goes along sometimes to protect her from the bumps in the night, although he's been known to spy a ghost and retreat rather than confront. She also pursues paranormal entities with her own real-life Twila, Aunt Belle Brown, and they are Lead Investigators of the Supernatural Researchers of Texas paranormal investigative team. SRT's motto is, "Leave Peace Behind," and the team seeks to leave peace for the people who are dealing with troubled hauntings, as well as for the ghosts. Simmons is extremely willing to discuss her experiences with anyone she can corner.

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