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Tom Clancy delivers a #1 New York Times bestselling Jack Ryan novel that will remind readers why he is the acknowledged master of international intrigue and nonstop military action.
It is The Campus. Secretly created under the administration of President Jack Ryan, its sole purpose is to eliminate terrorists and those who protect them. Officially, it has no connection to the American government—a necessity in a time when those in power consider themselves above such arcane ideals as loyalty, justice, and right or wrong.

Now covert intelligence expert Jack Ryan Jr. and his compatriots at The Campus—joined by black ops warriors John Clark and “Ding” Chavez—have come up against their greatest foe: a sadistic killer known as the Emir. Mastermind of countless horrific attacks, the Emir has eluded capture by every law enforcement agency in the world. But his greatest devastation is yet to be unleashed as he plans a monumental strike at the heart of America.

On the trail of the Emir, Jack Ryan Jr. will find himself following in his legendary father’s footsteps on a manhunt that will take him and his allies across the globe, into the shadowy arenas of political gamesmanship, and back onto U.S. soil in a race to prevent the possible fall of the West....

Mysteries & Thrillers
September 27
Penguin Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

jacardozo76 ,

Jack Ryan is back

Great book but a little bit long thought. Good to see key characters back such as: John Clark and Ding Chavez.

wingzy ,

Clancy plot but NOT Clancy prose

Am reading "paperback" (large & thick owing to large text with double para spacing) edition of this novel. About a fourth into it and noticing in spades that while the characters are consistent, the writing style is not: short clipped sentences, limited vocabulary, etc. Aiming for those at barely the 7th grade (being a bit generous here) reading level? This is not the standard of writing I've come to expect from Clancy but is probably the style of the co-author whose name is shown in very small print on the title page. While I understand that this is common practice: a well known author helps an up and coming author get their own name recognition, it still incumbent on the big name author to ensure what is produced meets the same standards as his own books. By and large this usually works but sadly not in this case. (why I gave up on Splinter Cell a while ago). Sad to say, because I like the Ryan character (perhaps not the ultraconservative political views) I'll continue reading the series but not as happily as in the past.

DDMEJames ,


So disappointing - to have Clancy's name in such big letters only to have it written by someone else - storyline is okay, but poorly told, predictable, and without the research and technical details that make true Clancy work so compelling. If you see a Clancy book with someone else's name on the cover as well, be warned, you are not getting Clancy.

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