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Two Crimes, Two Times…

Dee Flanagan loves Irish history, bad rom-coms, and red lipstick. Dead clowns, injured time travelers, and shoot-outs don’t make it onto the small-town reporter’s Top Ten list. After the bullets stop flying in Dunleagh Castle’s courtyard, it’s up to Dee to convince people she didn’t imagine a gunfight played out between two centuries.

With the body count rising, and no one willing to believe Dee’s time travel theory, she’s forced to team up with a man who’s either a bona fide fruit cake or a police officer from the year 1919. Using her expert knowledge of the Irish War of Independence, Dee sets out to solve a century-old crime, plus a modern-day murder.

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 21
Beaverstone Press
Beaverstone Press LLC

Customer Reviews

Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader ,

Humorous cozy/paranormal mystery

Deadline with Death is a fast-paced humorous time travel cozy mystery. The book contains a cast of quirky, off-beat characters who inhabit Dunleagh, Ireland. Dee left university to take care of her grandmother, Eda who has a heart condition. However, Eda has no intention of letting her health slow her down. She zips about town on a mobility scooter that has been altered to whiz along at fast speeds. Dee’s scarlet scooter, Mavis could benefit from a tweak or two. Dee works a variety of jobs to support the household including the Dunleagh Chronicle which has been in operation for one hundred and fifty years. However, if Mayor Henry Hyland has is way, the newspaper, museum, library and other arts programs will be decimated. He has plans to gut the castle for high end apartments. The two mysteries were intriguing. I enjoyed learning about Irish history as Dee tried to unravel what happened in the castle courtyard. The murder of Mayor Hyland has a variety of suspects (almost every adult in town wanted him dead). Dee has her hands full as she digs for the truth and make sure Bliss does not do time for a crime she did not commit. I liked the supernatural elements and how they were incorporated into the story. Deadline with Death is a lighthearted comedic tale with multiple murders, a madcap nana, mystical mayhem, a scarlet scooter, and one resolute reporter.

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