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At Casino Fortuna, stakes are high and the nights are hot…

A cheat is cashing in on the Strip, where deadly schemes lurk beneath the glitz and glamour. FBI agent-turned-consultant Kate Daniels hits the jackpot with her new assignment, hired by Vegas’ biggest name to ensure his casino isn’t a target. Fortuna is a high roller’s paradise, all gleaming marble and dollar signs. Even a single flaw in security could cost big bucks. Kate can’t afford distractions. Especially the tall, dark and perfectly chiseled kind. Business and pleasure don’t mix. And sleeping with the boss is a dangerous gamble.


Fortuna’s VP of casino operations, Ross Cooper, is gaming’s golden boy. He’s got a head for business, an eye for beautiful women, and a love for the Vegas lifestyle. When he spots a gorgeous redhead casing his blackjack tables, Ross is more than a little intrigued—he’s suspicious. But Kate is no thief…she’s working for him? Ross hates surprises almost as much as the idea of trouble in his casino.

Kate quickly proves she’s more than a pretty face. Her instincts and smarts are just as enticing. And when her investigation turns deadly, Ross will risk it all to keep her by his side.

June 26
ALG Publishing LLC
ALG Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

AndiBabcock ,

The House Always Wins

Wowsers! This was a fun ride. Adrienne Giordano created an amazing cast of characters for this story. And to take a page from Kate's book (literally) I had to fan myself more than once!

I think what I loved most about this book was Kate. Giordano created a very complex, strong female character that wasn't aggressive, a maneater, frigid or a witch. Kate was very self possessed and understood her own self-worth, without being arrogant or disingenuous. More than once she stood up for herself and called out others on their attitudes. I loved the "if you ever speak to me again like that" lines she used several times. She was also a strong, capable woman in law enforcement that somehow managed to be feminine at the same time. I instantly connected with her. I would love to see more characters that portrayed like this.

Ross, well what can I say? You just want one. His character showed a lot of growth throughout the story and showed real-life reactions and motivations. I loved the different phases he went through and what came out the other side. Giordano also had a cast of supporting characters that we well developed and added to the entire story arc. A story that was just as compelling as the characters she created.

GrandmaTami X6 ,

Fast paced Romance and mystery

Hot sexy fast paced mystery ..who is stealling from the casino's WHo killed the dealer & the FBI guy ....well Kate is on the case trying to find the casino's answers and stumbles into the death's cases for she use to work with the FBI ...now someone is after her for they think she know to much ..Ross the casino Manager and Kate's sort of boss right now are fighting their attraction , they are not sure how sure they can be in trusting each other.... They will do what they need to to solve this mystery ....there are twist and turns that will keep you reading till the end !

Carol M Smith ,

Adrienne Giordano's Deadly Odds

Place your bets!!! The stakes are high at the Casino Fortuna.
only extremely rich are admitted.
Kate Daniels, a former FBI agent now a Security Consultant
is at the tables playing. She has been hired by the owner to
do a security check at the casino.
There have been a series of cheating threat on and near the
casino. The receipts have been down at one of their gaming
table. Kate starts her investigation.
A man catches her eye and she realizes he is a FBI
acquaintance. She discovers he is working another casino and
has a specific dealer in mind who could shed light on the
cheating. Only problem both the dealer and the agent end of
Kate receives a threatening letter and several attempts on
her life.
Ross Cooper is single and big-time playboy. Ross runs the
casino operations. He is takes an undeniable interest in
Kate as a woman. Sparks fly between the two.
Will Kate be able to get to the bottom of who and how the
cheating is occurring ? Will she get harmed bodily while
doing her job? Will Kate and Ross be able to keep a
working relationship?
Creative, captivating read with intrigue, mystery, danger,
suspense, romance mixed with lots of humor.
Thank you to the author for this eBook. My opinion is my own.

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