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Life is a balancing act. When you’re a cop, the choices can be deadly.

Ed Solomon, long-time police officer in the small town of Mapleton, Colorado, has been ribbed for thinking there’s a ring of assassins out killing deadbeat dads. However, he’s convinced these killers exist and they’re doing their dirty work from behind an innocuous-looking travel blog. Proving the ring exists has been a sideline investigation for him, but it’s shoved further onto the back burner when Ed is forced to assume the duties of Chief.

Ed loves being a cop, but the Chief Stuff is getting him down. He’s juggling his own police duties, mounds of paperwork, and keeping the mayor happy. With all the extra hours, family tensions are on the rise as well.

But when someone leaves an anonymous message for him at the station, handing him a new clue, he’s determined to prove these assassins exist. Setting up a sting operation by posing as a deadbeat dad makes Ed a target. Will he catch the assassins before he becomes their next victim? This Mapleton Mystery novella brings Ed Solomon to the forefront in this fifth offering in the series.

Mysteries & Thrillers
November 9
Terry Odell
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Satisfying conclusion to the Deadbeat Dad Killer

I received an advance reading copy of this book

The Mapleton Police Chief has been suspended, and Ed Solomon has been appointed a reluctant interim Chief in this sleepy Colorado town. Because there isn’t a lot of police action in Mapleton, Ed has a history of looking for trouble where there isn’t any, and his latest pet project is looking for a deadbeat dad killer connected to a travel blog. As the interim Chief, now he’s bogged down with paperwork and administrative duties, leaving him little time to chase “zebras” when he hears hoof beats.

For those familiar with the “Deadly” Mapleton series, this is a peek into Solomon’s life, his family, his thought processes, and of course, understanding his need to connect all the dots in the case he’s been chasing. The “deadbeat dad” case brought danger to his doorstep at the end of Deadly Production, and the stakes are raised in this novella. Against the wishes of his wife, Ed sets himself up as the next target in the deadbeat dad killing organization. A satisfying conclusion to the deadbeat dad storyline that has run through the last several Mapleton books.

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