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Meghan Bennett is a desperate woman running for her life, and the one place she's sure she'll be safe is the old cabin in the Eastern Sierras she inherited from her father. Exhausted, and fighting a nasty flu, Meg can't believe someone is squatting in her cabin. The tall, handsome, bearded stranger who answers the door is her worst nightmare. Grumpy, growly and intractable, she can't convince him to leave. When she nearly collapses, she finds herself on the couch in front of a welcome fire. Over the next few days she thinks she can trust this man with more than her safety. Too late, she learns he has betrayed her, and he shatters her trust right along with her heart.

Declan Murphy has been trying to rebuild his life, and he revels in the solitude his old friend and mentor's cabin provides. When a gorgeous, pissed-off woman shows up in the middle of a cold, snowy night insisting the cabin is hers and he needs to get out, Dex is ready to shut the door in her face - until he realizes she's sick, and even he's not that big a Neanderthal. When he finds out she's the daughter of the man who'd owned the cabin, and that she's the biggest asset in the investigation he's working on with the FBI, he can't believe how screwed he is. He's fallen hard for the stubborn, independent beauty, yet he can't tell her the truth about what he's doing. He knows when she finds out, he's going to lose the woman he hadn't been looking for but needs more than his next breath.

January 29
Boroughs Publishing Group
Smashwords, Inc.

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@NeeVA ,

Your head may be cloudy from the flu, but you can recognize a fine man!

Meghan Bennet running for her life, runs to Eastern Sierrras and the cabin she inherited from her Dad. She is barely hanging on while suffering from the flu.Her last straw, is finding a stranger in her cabin who won't leave. Luckily, he helps her through her illness. Declan is spending some down time in his old friend and mentor's cabin when a woman shows up demanding he leave. He's about to blow her off when he realizes she's sick. He helps her out and gets to know her. Then he realizes she's the daughter of his old friend and an integral asset in his joint investigation with the FBI. She may not like that last bit of news. There is an instant attraction which they both work through. How will Meghan take the news when she feels better? Will she be willing to help? How does Declan tip toe around the very thin line he's walking? Nice story. Good action. Great supporting characters. Nicely done! I received an ARC from Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Ralphnun1 ,

Deadly Purpose

Great story!!! This book started out and ended perfectly.

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