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Keith Moon was more than just rock's greatest drummer, he was also its greatest character and wildest party animal. Fuelled by vast quantities of drink, drugs, insecurities and confusion, Moon destroyed everything with gleeful abandon: drum kits, houses, cars, hotels, relationships and, finally, himself.

In Dear Boy, Tony Fletcher has captured lightning in a bottle – the essence of a totally incorrigible yet uniquely generous boy who never grew up, and who changed the lives of all who knew him. From a life distorted by myths of debauchery and comic anarchy, Fletcher has created a searingly personal portrait of the rock legend.

From over 100 first-hand interviews, he traces with deadly accuracy Moon's remarkable journey from his working-class Northwest London childhood, through the Who's glory years to the California high-life and a terrible, premature death.

Here too are fascinating insights into the history of the Who and the emergent British pop culture revolution of post-war years. Keith Moon was one of the shock troops of that revolution: the world's greatest rock drummer, a phenomenal character and an extravagant hell-raiser who – in a final, uncharacteristic act of grace – actually did die before he got old.

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P-Sylvain ,


At nearly 600 pages, this book is pretty hefty read. As a Who fan who saw the band in Berlin, Germany in 1970 and 1972, this look into “Moon the Loon” was a must-read for me. The author does a good job of giving us a ring-side seat to the crazy, out-of-control life (and death) of one of rock’s most colorful characters. By the end of the book you realize that in so many ways he was very much like Robin Williams, covering his depression, pain and insecurities with humor and antics. Both ultimately died with even their closest friends not knowing about their demons. If I have one complaint, this book could have been edited down in length because much of what is written is said at length over and over.

iPad crazy ,

Watch it

Beware: This book as already been published under a different title: Keith Moon: The life and death of a rock and roll legend. I feel taken and foolish, since I've read the other one already. There should be a disclaimer attached. But I suppose that would hurt sales...

Firetape ,

Full Moon

Great book - Long live, Keef! The greatest to ever do it!!

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