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Emily had always been the dutiful and loyal wife. She thought she loved her caring husband, John, above all else.  However, that all changed once she experienced an overwhelming desire for another man. Consumed by her extramarital affair, Emily gives into her long dormant lust. Soon, she descends into hedonistic escapades inside the walls of a hotel room.

Hiding evidence of her adultery, she loses herself in the arms of her lover. Each encounter takes her to new emotional heights. However, the boldness of her affair threatens to undo her married life. Caught between the security of her home and the allure of the hotel room, Emily is in a decadent downward spiral. All she can do is tell her beloved husband about the truth about her sexual awakening. This is her story.

EXPLICIT: This 5200 word story contains graphic language and depictions of rough, illicit sex between a innocent wife and a sexy alpha male. May be too hot for some to handle!


A strange sensation ran out through my body. I sensed a connection form between us. Without even realizing it, I began to kiss Daniel. His reluctant lips parted as I explored the depths of his mouth. His taste mingled with the flavor of the coffee he had just drunk. I felt like a succubus draining a man of his life force.

Suddenly, Daniel broke off the kiss. He said it was a mistake. He told me he wouldn’t tell anyone about this but it had to end here. I had never been the seductress up until this point. Yet, I didn’t let go of the man and claimed him for myself. He became enthralled by something deep within me. It was as if he had turned into putty inside the palm of my hand.

Soon, we checked into a nearby hotel room. The moment the door shut, I immediately pounced and kissed him. I felt his tongue rake itself across my gums. All the while, we stripped each other of clothing until the only things being worn were my earrings and his condom. My naked breasts were pressed against his chest. His growing erection brushed against my belly. I had never experienced such an animalistic longing for sex.


Fiction & Literature
February 10
Violette Springs
Draft2Digital, LLC

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