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Let me just say -- none of this was supposed to happen. 

I didn't expect the letter to go viral. I didn't think anyone would figure out who Dear Sexy Ex was. And I especially never thought he would find out about it. 

Yeah, bit of a miscalculation there.

But see, I need the money to fund my brand new venture. And Dear Sexy Ex, well, it turns out he needs me to save his business. 

By becoming his fake fiancée.

Yup, that's the pickle I find myself in -- pretending to be madly in love with the charming, brilliant, and utterly infuriating man known as Dear Sexy Ex.

Only, it's not an act. And he can never know.

Dear Sexy Ex-Boyfriend is a sexy standalone romance you can escape into!

June 26
Little Dog Press
Lauren Blakely Books

Customer Reviews

Laura__F ,


I've been on an LB audio kick for at least the last six months. Her books are funny and the characters pull you right in from the very beginning.

Oliver and Summer are the sweetest ever!!! The prom promise and how they are always coming to each other's rescue is so cute.

I love how LB drops characters from her other series into all of her books. I'm so excited for where this new series goes. I'm counting down until Logan's story!!

MMnona ,

Dear Sexy Ex-Boyfriend

So far I’m 25% through this book, skipped numerous boring pages but, I paid for it I’ll read it. There should be some way to get a refund for this kind of writing. Sorry, but it is really awful! Save your money!

Suzanne Golt ,

I adored Summer and Oliver! Highly recommend!

This friends-to-lovers rom-com is another standout winner from Lauren Blakely. This is one of my favorite troupes, especially when the couple has known each other since childhood, and these two BBFs were just adorable and so easy to love.

Oliver is best friends with Summer’s twin brother, Logan, and in this case is not off limits! So happy to read that as in many books it’s forbidden. Her brother as well as half the town realize these two are a perfect match it just takes them a while to catch on. Oliver is the complete package–a successful lawyer, athletic, fit and toned, sexy with a smolder, and is British! To top it off, he is so easy going, fun to be around, and tries things out of his comfort zone, and not just in the bedroom.

Even though they’ve each thought about it “what if,” they don’t want to risk their friendship to try a romantic relationship, but as an article she meant to be personal goes public, they have no choice but pretend to be engaged.

Lauren’s books are all unique with each couple being original with their own set of quirks and aspirations. But her characters are always ones I admire and wish I could know in real life. These two actually enjoy spending time with each other, share secrets, and are the first one’s they each want to call when something good or bad happens, and they know how to apologize and mean it. Oliver is a dream and puts her needs first, wanting to make her happy, and Summer is such a good soul, so deserving of such a great man.

I love their easy banter, how they just get each other, and how they support and respect each other. And when they share their first kiss, it is just the swooniest, knee buckling, most sensual kiss ever. Lauren writes with such descriptive prose as only she can, and I just sigh out loud when reading it.

I loved Summer’s appreciation regarding learning something about herself from all her past relationships. Her tribute to Oliver as her “Dear Sexy Ex-Boyfriend” was so honest and hopeful. If you are looking for an easy, low-angst read, then try this wonderful standalone. There are wonderful supporting characters too, who if I am correct, will reappear in future books! Read or listen to this; it will make your heart happy.

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