Dear Writer, Are You Intuitive‪?‬

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When you "just know" how a story should go...

When you "have a feeling" about how that ad should run...

When you "get overwhelmed" by columns of data or the idea of running numbers...

Those are all types of intuition. Intuition, commonly misunderstood as being primarily driven by emotion, is actually a very quick ability to pattern-read, and is based in information-gathering that's done so quickly, you're not even aware you're doing it. But... if you're intuitive (about certain things only, or about everything), you can't use concrete or linear decision-making strategies.

You might not be able to outline.

You might not be able to plan in concrete terms.

You might not be able to run those numbers.

So, what does that mean for you? How do you go about understanding the intuitive brain you have? This book is written by two coaches who have worked with thousands and thousands of writers, many of whom are "intuitive" in some way. Because we've noticed patterns in how these authors make decisions, and in how process can work in an intuitive way, we wanted to share this book with you.

Inside this book, you will find:
the five types of intuition (and how to tell if you have them)the most common patterns of intuitive writers (and how to cope/strategize with that difference)the difference between running ads as an intuitive, and running ads as a concreteguidance for running an intuitive-decision-making business (especially as an entrepreneur)when not to trust intuitionand so much more...
If you resonated with any of the first three questions (even if you didn't resonate with all of them), we hope this book will help to provide some context around why you're functioning the way you are, and some guidance for how to be the most successful version of yourself.

When you "just know," and no one trusts that, you learn not to trust it. We're here to help save your intuition from a world that doesn't understand it. To help you wield this superpower.

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April 26
Hummingbird Books
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

RoadrunnerReader ,

Becca and Susan are a great team teaching writers

As with all of Becca's nonfiction books, I enjoyed taking a hard look at some of the prevailing myths in the author world. I personally am heavy on the plotting side of things because of my heavy reliance on dictation for first drafts. Other authors have tried out dictation and found that it doesn't work for their style.

There are definitely highly intuitive writers who "just know" things, and Becca is talking to them. Even though I'm absolutely the sort of client who would have asked the builder to measure the space the tree needed on the lot, I'd also just consider it a formality. Trust but verify. If someone does it for a living, they probably know what they are talking about.

I think that the section on social media really resonated with me. I've definitely read that you MUST do social media. And I know someone who makes a very comfortable income as an author focusing on science fiction and fantasy who outright refuses to have a Facebook or Twitter account. He regularly blogs on his own site and sends out newsletters, so he is not a techno-phobe. He is merely concerned about the addictive time-sucking qualities of social media sites.

I enjoyed Susan's voice in the book. Becca has tons of consultations with authors under her belt, and Susan is even more intuitive than Becca. That's subjective, but it's the impression I got while reading about how they assessed authors.

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