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A digital short story from New York Times bestselling author Nelson DeMille that also includes a preview from his upcoming novel, THE PANTHER

Bestselling author Jack Henry is suddenly on the brink of bankruptcy. With bills mounting and the IRS calling, he realizes that he has a major problem on his hands. But who is to blame for his declining fortunes? Certainly not Jack himself. The fault, he determines, lies with his agent, Stan Wycoff - who takes 15% of everything Jack makes for doing absolutely nothing.

Jack needs a way out of his dire financial predicament - and fast. And then he remembers that both he and his agent have substantial life insurance policies on one another. If Stan were to die unexpectedly, Jack would cash in...

But can a famous crime writer commit the perfect crime?

Mysteries & Thrillers
August 1
Grand Central Publishing
Hachette Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews

As far as I know, none ,

Death Benefits

I only read 52 pages of the book but couldn't access any more as my credit card wasn't accepted! Now I do have sufficient funds in my account and don't understand the problem. They won't even let me write a review! I would very much like to finish this book but, please let me know what is going on. I am anxious to finish this novel and write my review. What are you afraid of?

Dive548 ,

Can't you people read!!!!!

By virtue of the fact that your all buying BOOKS, one can be reasonably sure that you know how to READ!! It infuriates me that you all bash an excellent author and give one star strictly based on your inability to read the description of this SHORT STORY. I take no issue with someone rating this poorly if they don't care for the story or the authors writing style, but saying you were ripped off for paying $1.99 for a SHORT STORY, only proves your ignorance.

JohnnyJayhawk ,

Good Stuff

Good short story. You decide if it's worth your $1.99 or not. Other reviews thought they were getting the new DeMille for two bucks? Really? It's called common sense, people. I hope you at least use it when you vote or drive a car.

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