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DEATH BY REQUEST is Book #11 in the #1 Bestselling Caribbean Murder series, which begins with DEATH BY HONEYMOON (Book #1).  It is also a standalone novel.

In Death by Request (Book #11 of the Caribbean Murder Series), Cindy and Mattheus are given a shocking case they have never faced before: a clear-cut case of euthanasia might turn out to be something more ominous.

Tara and Owen Danden, celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in Jamaica, are on the water, in a boat he rented, when the weather shifts and Tara falls overboard. As Owen tries desperately to save his wife, the boat spins and hits her head—sending her into a coma.

Pulled out of the water, barely alive, Tara is airlifted to an elegant hospital on the island, and remains in a coma for two months. When she finally dies, however, there becomes a question of whether she truly died of natural causes.

Based on scanty evidence, Owen is taken into custody and quickly hires Cindy and Mattheus to clear his name and find out who wanted Tara dead.

Cindy and Mattheus’s journey takes us through an intriguing exploration of comas, euthanasia and what happens to those in altered states. As the investigation proceeds we watch Cindy and Mattheus’s relationship ripen, and take a new turn. We also meet Tara’s crazy family, learn the secret they’ve been hiding, and see what bearing it might have on the case. As a new suspect finally comes into focus, all is not what it seems to be…

July 26
Jaden Skye
Brenda Lukeman

Customer Reviews

Iclady2 ,


It's just......see through plot, gullible detectives, completely unrealistic from start to end. Ugh.

Sandy Fawn ,

Death by request

I can't believe I actually wasted time with this poorly written, choppy, illogical, shambles of a book, she responded angrily.

Lost circus hd ,

Disappointing there continues to be.....

As with the previous 10 books there are so many errors. Wrong use of words: ex: if for is and placing wrong character names in the sentences to name a few. If you need a proofreader Jayden I would gladly do it. The glaring errors are such a distraction yo the story AND should be caught by any competent proof reader.

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