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In Death by Silver veteran authors Melissa Scott and Amy Griswold introduce a Victorian London where magic works, influencing every aspect of civilized life, and two very appealing detectives.

His practice newly established, metaphysician Ned Mathey can’t afford to turn away any clients. But the latest Londoner to seek Ned’s magical aid gives him pause: Mr Edgar Nevett, an arrogant banker, is the father of the bully who made Ned’s life hell at boarding school. Nevertheless, Ned accepts the commission to ensure the Nevett family silver bears no ancient or modern curses, and then prepares to banish the Nevett family to unpleasant memory again. Until Edgar Nevett is killed by an enchanted silver candlestick—one of the pieces Ned declared magically harmless.

Calling on his old school friend Julian Lynes—private detective and another victim of the younger Nevett—Ned races to solve the murder, clear the stain on his professional reputation, and lay to rest the ghosts of his past.

Assisted by Ned’s able secretary Miss Frost, who has unexpected metaphysical skills of her own, Ned and Julian explore London’s criminal underworld and sodomitical demimonde, uncover secrets and scandals, confront the unexpected murderer and the mysteries of their own relationship.

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May 29
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Customer Reviews

fillups44 ,

Extremely Entertaining Lambda Winner

This is lots of fun. First the setting, an alternate world version of Victorian England with people able to use small enchantments for every day purposes and formal trainings in higher magics. It's surprising how cozily the fantasy elements nestle with the Victoriana.
Secondly there is a fun, satisfying mystery which is pretty easy to guess but does have a couple of fun twists in it.
Finally, the enjoyment of seeing a homoerotic Holmes/Waltson relationship played out. Julian and Ned are different characters but there is enough of a knowing parallel for us Holmes fans to savor the possibilities. This novel which won the 2014 Lambda award for best LGBT science fiction/horror/fantasy novel is lighter than most of their picks and the better for it. This is a great page turner good for vacation reading.