Death Do Us Part

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Remember those ground-breaking series from TV's Golden Age which explored the frontiers of human consciousness and the dividing line between reality and other dimensions? Like those powerful stories, this new collection aims to bend your mind, squeeze your psyche, and maybe pluck a heartstring.Don't each of us, at some point, walk that narrow line between love and loss… devotion and trust… treachery and betrayal… dream fulfillment or nightmare?Prepare yourself to enter our world of unique characters and experience their decisions to continue the path they're on or open a door to new possibilities. What startling surprises may lurk just behind each door chosen? These ten tales of mystery, suspense, and high-octane action aim to give you chills and make you wonder how to select the roads and doors in your own life.Buddies Forever — In Vietnam, an American PFC awakens from grenade blast injuries and finds everyone calling him by his best buddy's name.A Lousy Way To Rye — Coming to consciousness at a bioterrorism incident site, the main character must figure out whether he is the special agent in pursuit — or the terrorist himself — before it is too late.As His Excellency Wishes — In a small foreign country, Larry and his wife discover that a violent coup has occurred overnight and the new leader is someone his wife already knows quite well.The Room — A disgruntled young loner kills a wealthy brother and sister, and a highly unconventional psychiatrist has only three days to determine whether it was an accident or murder.Murder on Her Mind — Janet's husband has seemed uncharacteristically attentive and considerate lately, but an alarmist friend tries to convince her that's a bad thing.The Herndon Secret — A brilliant but shy and klutzy physicist has four hours to help an intelligence agent rescue the agent's wife and foil a devilish plot to take control of the very soul of the universe.Time Conscious — What would make Elizabeth's bedroom clock run fast and why do events seen from those two windows happen "early"?That ASMR Girl — Why are top leaders at a secure Army base dropping like flies in front of their computers, and can Agent Radisson solve the mystery before she becomes the next victim?Blade of Grass — Raising two granddaughters on their remote farm in 2026, Grandpa and his wife don't see many visitors — so when a stranger does appear, it could mean big trouble.The Caves Of Lonesanne Blu — On an isolated island, crippled war hero Lord Oonain risks all to save a beautiful young girl marked for death because she has vowed never to surrender her family's sacred Blu-stone to the island's ruler.These are your ten journeys. But fair warning: be ready for some unexpected twists, hairpin curves, and sudden obstacles on this road!

Fiction & Literature
December 21
Dingbat Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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