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A problem at every twist and turn...
At long last, Satou and company have arrived at Labyrinth City Celivera! Eager to uncover its mysteries, they waste no time before registering with the local explorers' guild and securing a base of operations. However, life outside the labyrinth itself is less than ideal. Children are starving in the streets, a noxious miasma plagues the populace, and the circulation of dangerous drugs stirs up chaos within the noble community. Will Satou be able to give succor to this troubled city? Or will trouble find him first...?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 21
Yen Press
Yen Press, LLC
Grades 8-17

Customer Reviews

Scott11024 ,

Death March volume 10

Really good. Highly entertaining. Fun characters.

pikachu123321 ,

Great book

I love this series but when I checked this with the web novel I just have one question. At the end of the webnovel when it says death march is done for now does that mean there is a chance of this series coming back after the main plot ended or a spin off?

Archeisse ,

The translation could use work

The first fifty pages in the sample includes a recap of past volumes. That its main highlight is the cast’s culinary adventure and friend-making while foiling apocalyptic plots to take over the world gets relegated to afterthought should tell you the kind of story this is.

The story is five star, but I’m docking a star for translation quality. Among the notable one is using Spirit Vision instead of Spirit Light (the latter is what Satou can use to clear miasma, could be author’s mistake I guess), and inconsistent naming, i.e a guild clerk earlier referred to as Bena becoming Vena later on. A quirk of the Japanese language yes (no V, instead they use B), but you’d expect professional translators to be consistent (assuming single translator) and coordinated (assuming multiple translators). There’s more in earlier books but I’ll leave it at that.

So, five star story. While mostly because I already liked it from since it was a WebNovel, IMO the author is also getting better at expanding on preexisting storyline. Earlier storyline expansion (like the Witch Forest arc in the middle of the Journey to the Barony arc) felt somewhat awkward when starting out, probably because it took a detour to a completely new locale. That’s not to say they’re bad or serves no purpose, but it gave me the impression that I’m reading a different title. Meanwhile in this volume, lots of later plot points get weaved into the current storyline relatively seamlessly, i.e rather than entire detours we see them added to preexisting story locale. Could be just the particular way I tend to follow stories, but to me it’s a nice development.

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