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Tired of hearing your coworkers opinions, but never have the right words to say to shut their arguments down and stop them in their tracks? These (3) Three books will provide the tools required to easily defeat anyone in a debate. Politics can be tricky and things get even harder to understand when there are alternative facts involved.n Debating to Win Arguments, Debating Fake News,and Debating Alternative Facts, you will learn:

What is Propaganda? It's no secret that we are often being sold things, by advertising companies, and now by the news. How did propaganda start? What was the his

tory of it? How can we learn how to spot it and protect ourselves?

Modern Forms of it: Although propaganda has been around for a long time, its form has shifted. Although it is similar now to how it was, there are some key differences to be aware of. Chapter three will cover this, in detail.
Click Bait and Fake News: It seems as though a lot of news on the Internet these days is just "click bait," designed to make people read but without much substance. How can you decipher reality from these sources? This book will tell you.
Who Owns the Media? Did you know that there are not very many mega corporations that own most of the media? Once you are aware of who they are, perhaps their lies will become easier to spot.
How to tell Truth from Lies: How can you tell that a news article you're reading is legitimate? Chapters six and seven will give you detailed instructions on looking at news sources with critical thinking tactics, so you don't get fooled.

Everyone out there has an agenda. In order to make sure you are getting as much truth as possible, these topics and MUCH MORE Crucial tools are just one click away!

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February 12
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