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In the tradition of The Red Tent, The Fifth Mountain, and The Mists of Avalon comes this absorbing historical novel that reimagines the life of one of the Bible's most revered women, the prophetess Deborah, and her epic journey to fulfill her destiny.

Deborah's father dreamed that his daughter would one day become a prophet of the God of the Israelites. But the social and religious mores of her time dictated that a woman must marry—even against her will—and obey her husband. When Deborah is forced into an engagement with the violent son of her local judge, the young Hebrew woman rebels, determined to forge a new path.

Captivated by the notion of transforming herself into a man to escape the arranged marriage and fulfill her father's dream, Deborah embarks upon an epic journey across the desert to find a mysterious elixirist rumored to be blessed with the gift of turning women into men. It is a journey that proves increasingly perilous—filled with wild beasts, lustful men, unscrupulous priests, and warring tribesmen. Yet Deborah discovers that she is not alone; an unlikely coterie of lepers, slaves, Moabite traders, and even a dead tiger come to her aid and defense along the way.

Part traditional biblical fiction, part adventure, Deborah Rising is a captivating tale about the early life of one of the most famous figures from the Old Testament—a woman of courage and spirit whose battle to overcome discrimination, sexism, and paternalism speaks to women's lives today.

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September 27

Customer Reviews

Rusesulliv ,

Twists and turns

I just reread this book and it’s predecessor and I remembered that the story didn’t end here! Now I’m impatiently awaiting the third book. Ahh!
Deborah experiences plenty of twists and turns. Some you don’t see coming at all and some are alluded to just enough to make you bite your nails until it happens, all the while, hooingnit wont.

Me5R ,


The author capture the rough and often cruel life of a young girl growing up in a rather turbulent time of Israel's history. He also captured the strength and courage that will ultimately influence Deborah's life as a woman judge and prophet. Cannot wait for the sequel.

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