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Bedtime Bliss is on the menu when a guy used to fighting dragons has to awaken a beauty of her own power, and the magic of sensual delights before the Valentine’s Ball.  

But can she accept the repercussions of magic and her duty to family? Or would it be easier to return to the sweet bliss of sleepy obliviousness where life is simple, love is a myth and magic is reserved for fairy tales?

Fiction & Literature
February 12
Tawny Weber
Tawny Weber

Customer Reviews

Cali Jewel ,

Fun, Sexy Romance!

Delightfully funny, sweetly charming, emotionally thrilling romantic journey that helps one woman find the family and the destiny she felt but never really knew she had.

Rose MacBriar is a video game designer that is creative, wicked smart and not entirely sure why her mother has such an aversion to any talk of magic. Samson Phillips is a fantasy fiction writer and in town to help her with her latest game's story line. What she does not know is he also knows her mothers family and is there to help her reunite with them. Loved this short but highly entertaining adventure.

Kymreads ,

Short but fun and will leave you with a smile!

Caught between pleasing her mother and a demanding boss, Rose MacBriar, video game designer, needs help with the development of her storyline. Samson Phillips, fantasy fiction writer, is just the man to help her with that. She’s working under a stressful deadline brought on by her demanding boss and is hoping that, with Sam’s help, she can finish this up quickly.

Upon arriving in town, Sam suggests they meet at the Karma Cafe. As Rose enters the Cafe’s kitchen, she feels a sense of...something.

Sam is from Coeur d’Alene and, in addition to helping Rose with her storyline, he actually has an alterior motive...but in the end it is Rose’s choice to make. Will she accept who and what she is or will she turn away from her family’s heritage?

This is a wonderful love story with a bit of magic thrown in...great characters and, what’s not to love about the setting...the Karma Cafe? Sounds delicious! Sam is a wonderful guy - sweet, caring and quite adorable!

Read this! It is short but fun and will leave you with a smile on your face!

Evergreenbrdx ,

More Please!!

Samson Phillips had a job to do. His goal to reconcile one Rose MacBriar with her grandparents and maybe awake the magic in her. Rose is in desperate need to finish her latest game and needs Sam’s help to get the plot and storyline just right. Little does she know that fate has other plans in store for her. What a fun quick read. I so want more from this series.

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