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When love and lust intertwine, will love conquer, or will jealousy and envy destroy everyone in its path?

Every thug needs a lady, and Noah has his. An orphan who grew up in the gritty streets of Philadelphia, his life changed when he found his soulmate Shaleea. Noah has it all: a thriving string of businesses, a smart and beautiful woman, and a bank account full of illegal cash he managed to obtain during his years of crime. However, like the typical man, he foolishly lets a moment of pleasure cloud his judgement. A lustful encounter with Eve seemingly unravels his picture-perfect life overnight. A side-chick that doesn’t know her place is a woman that can dismantle foundations and destroy even the toughest of men.

Eve, who also happens to be an escort, knows the rules of the game when she steps in to play, but she quickly decides she no longer wants to play fair when her heart determines she wants rich and handsome Noah, all to herself. The problem is: the feelings aren’t mutual. To Eve that is something that can be changed through strategy, with her going deep into her bag of tricks to ensure she gets what she wants.

Beautiful and educated, Shaleea is every man’s dream come true. Unfortunately, those qualities aren’t enough to keep Noah’s eyes from wandering. Struggling to come to grips with his infidelity, Shaleea soon falls into the arms of an unsuspecting suitor who is willing to go to great and dangerous lengths to have him all to herself.
Lust rules in this street tale, creating a messy playing field for all involved.

Fiction & Literature
April 19
DreamHouse Publications
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Deja Vou ,

Great book!

Loved this book!

Bklynsheart ,

Oooooo oooo

😳😳😳 there may be 2 pregnancies!! Sheesh where can I find part 2? It's 1/25/2016

Ntforu ,

I'm looking for part 2

I'm just wondering where part two ! It's July -_-

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