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Oliver McCaron, Earl of Armbruster, is an influential, self-made man who lives life by his own rules. Though he’s never lacking for female attention, there’s only one woman he wants. And she’s the one woman who won’t have him…again.

Widowed Lady Fieldhurst has spent the last seventeen years avoiding Oliver, after one glorious night together. Her parents had already planned out her life - she was never to become Oliver’s wife, despite their plans to run away. To protect her secret, she had to follow their wishes and marry the elderly earl they had chosen.

Now Ellen’s world is threatened by a blackmailer who could expose everything. She’ll have to face the only man she’s ever loved and ask for help. Because if the truth comes to light, it could ruin more than one life...

September 23
Entangled Publishing, LLC

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777sails ,

Deceiving an Earl

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Entangled Publishing via NetGalley and I am voluntarily reviewing it.

I was thoroughly enchanted with this story of two star-crossed lovers. Ellen and Oliver met when they were 17. They quickly fell in love and promised to marry. Oliver's father took Oliver to their estate to further his education of becoming an earl someday. Unfortunately during those few days, Ellen's parents entered her into a betrothal with an much older Earl of Fieldhurst. A week before the wedding, Ellen and Oliver become lovers. They are both virgins. They agree to run away to Scotland to marry. Unfortunately those plans never come to fruition.

It is seventeen years later when the story basically begins with flashback to their prior assignation. There is murder, mystery, blackmail and more entanglements in this historical romance. The road that these two face is just full of strife and discord. Ms. Cullen really put these two characters through so much that it was impossible to not fall in love with them. This story just took my emotions and pulled them all around and wrung my heart out. I really hated to put this down as I was so intrigued by these two.

This book was written in a multiple POV format. I love getting into the characters' thoughts to really understand them so much better. Here we get more than just the two main protagonists.

There are some scenes that may trigger issues for some here by way of violence. It is not highly descriptive (as murder mysteries and thrillers) but it may not be suitable to all. I highly recommend this story to anyone over the age of 18.

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