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Lady Adele Prescott is dead. At least that’s what the whole of London society believes. After recovering from her injuries in secret, she knows she should remain in hiding. But nothing will keep her from taking a position as a maid in the home of the lord she believes murdered her family.

Christopher Underwood, former military man and amateur inventor, wants no part of society or his newly acquired title. He spends his time in seclusion hiding from the ghosts of his past. When he discovers his new maid bears a striking resemblance to the dead daughter of his former partner, a dangerous plan takes root in his mind.

Secrets and lies may bind them, but only the truth will set them free.

***Author's Note: This is a stand-alone Neo-Victorian romance with a heat rating of three. There is sex in this book as well as mystery and steampunk elements.***

May 10
Kirsten S. Blacketer
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Customer Reviews

lfdykes ,

A great story!!’

I really enjoyed this story! This is my first with elements of steampunk and I had never really understood what that was but I am hooked! One of my favorite tropes is of the damaged hero and in this case physically and emotionally who finds love and acceptance. But it was a tangled road to get there! The heroine, Lady Adele Prescott is presumed to be dead when all her family perished in a fire. Her father was an inventor/scientist with his main partner being Christopher Underwood. Adele escaped with some wounds but was determined to find who set the fire and was responsible for the deaths. Thinking that person was Christopher, she got hired on as a maid (oh course she dyed her hair,etc) to find out if he was truly the culprit. What was fun is that Christopher had hired all the staff from her house that had been misplaced so they knew of her deception and played along. There were some contraptions of an electric dumbwaiter they called Otis and some other inventions. As the two start to interacting together and find an attraction, there are a lot of secrets that come out and outside characters that wind themselves into the story. As Adele decides she does not think it was Christopher who set the fire, who could it be? This will keep you guessing until the very end and there are some very strong emotions and sentiments that warm your heart. I cannot wait to read more by this author. This was such a good story I encourage you to read!!

Kat Wiley ,

Great Mystery

WOW… Great Mystery!! Deceiving The Earl by Kirsten S. Blacketer was truly a great mystery. This is my first book I have read of Kirsten and I can tell that it won’t be my last. I really enjoyed this book. Her characters were charming and her descriptions were amazing and I felt like she took me back to London 1895. This story has a fire, death, murder, sorrow, scars, experiments, mystical metal, greed, darkness, fear, addiction, false identities, misunderstandings, trust, anticipation, new identity, kindness, faithfulness, wonderful inventions that seem to come alive and oh so much more. I highly recommend you read this book, you won’t be disappointed.

Travel back in time to 1895 London with Lady Adele Prescott and Christopher Underwood, Earl of Dorrington as they join together on this mystery and adventure.

***This book was gifted to me and I am voluntarily reviewing.

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