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Like many seeking spiritual knowledge, I started as a novice, looking for truth that didn’t exist in the material world. Religion hadn't worked for me, neither had higher education, nor specializations such as law, medicine, business.

I wanted to take an active part in my development. I wanted to be the creator of my own Being. As far as career paths, I felt that everyone around me had already figured things out; all they had to do was learn the ropes, keep their mouths shut, and the doors of riches and success were open to them. I wanted something else, something that would allow me to figure out exactly who I was. At the time, I didn’t know much about spirituality. In fact, the first self-realization technique I came across was hypnosis. Almost immediately, I sensed there were other forms of consciousness. I thought this was great! I picked up a few books, listened in on a few conversations about Yoga and meditation. Pretty soon I found myself on the spiritual bandwagon — Yoga magazines and studios, spiritual bookstores, so-called highly evolved friends, etc. I began to investigate the concepts and employ the vocabulary. Initially I was a dabbler, I practiced Hatha Yoga and Kundalini meditation off and on, but something pushed me toward a deeper exploration. I advanced from dabbler to practitioner. A few months into my meditation practice something unexpected happened. I started getting feedback.

My body started changing. Profound psychological and mental changes occurred as well, but the bulk of the transformations occurred in my physical body. Moreover, once the transformations began, my body took over on its own. How does a body take over and effectively transform itself? Very simply, I had aroused a power within myself known as Kundalini, our natural life force, the power that shapes our bodies in the womb. And while I first thought Yoga and meditation were merely means of physical improvement, little did I know that the Golden Flower Meditation I was practicing would lead me to a complete neurobiological overhaul of my being.

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November 28
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nitrogenx ,

Interesting reading. Not about the secret of the golden flower.

This book is all about the author’s journey in being healed through the Kundalini. The Secret of the Golden Flower makes a few brief appearances, but the the author is motivated through a journey based on a different tradition. For those narrowly interested in the Taoist method, this book is not a direct path. For others interested in a variety of eastern traditions with roots in meditation that are willing to take a detour, it may be worth a read.

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