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Chanda has a particular set of skills.

She needs money, and the only way she can make it is to become a bounty hunter—a freelancer. Lancer for short. And the big money? That’s out in the frontier colonies.

When she takes a job on a remote mining colony, things look promising.

But when she goes after the bounty for some dangerous targets, the trouble is worse than advertised, and the colony’s buried history rises up to threaten everyone.

Now Chanda’s not worried about money; she’s worried about surviving.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 6
Promethean Tales
P R Adams
Grades 13-17

Customer Reviews

Redwolf ,

If you like gritty, action-packed sci-fi with some mystery, you should enjoy this book.

I really love PR Adams stories, and was thrilled to see this latest release. I was home sick from work, and read it all in one sitting.

This appears to take place in the same universe as the Rimes and Elite Response Force novels that came before this. Here we meet Chanda, a young woman who becomes a freelance mercenary after discharging from the military on Earth. She travels to a rugged mining outpost in the hinterlands of space where there are promises of work for Lancer. When she arrives, she finds the only decent paying posting is from the local constable to arrest and bring in a murderous, drug-fueled miner, and there are quite a few applicants for the bounty. Deciding to split the payout, Chanda teams up with a ragtag band of mercs to take the job. It sounds like an easy snatch and grab, but of course, there are complications in both the capture and competition from a rival group of high-skilled, tightly integrated mercenaries - things Chanda’s group are not.

As with all of PR Adams stories, the writing is exciting, with well-crafted, believable characters, living in a world that isn’t that different from ours today. I really enjoyed the plot, pacing and characters.

If you like gritty, action-packed sci-fi with some mystery, you should enjoy this book.

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