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Wide receiver Gabe Murphy took his team into the playoffs last season before suffering a shoulder injury that some say he will never recover from. After his former team dumps him and he gets picked up by the Savannah Bootleggers, Gabe is determined to play better than ever, only this time he’s not getting attached—not to his new city, his new team, or his beautiful new athletic trainer, Zoe Reynolds.

Zoe’s newest client is carrying a chip as wide as his broad shoulders, but she sees the kindness and vulnerability hiding behind Gabe’s cocky grin and chiseled body. She’s going to train him, and help him move on. She just has to keep herself from falling in love with the stubborn man—hard to do when they end up living together.

Soon, Gabe learns Zoe’s battling her own demons. Will he be able to let go of the past and open his heart again? And will Zoe cheer Gabe on to victory, both in football and in love?

November 19
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Zoe and Gabe

After taking his team to the playoffs last season, wide receiver Gabe Murphy, is traded to the Savannah Bootleggers after suffering a shoulder injury. Cast off like a has been, Gabe shuts down. Gabe puts everything he has into rehab, hoping to prove his old team wrong. His sister, who’s also his manager, finds a trainer to work individually with Gabe. What Gabe doesn’t expect is that his trainer is a female...

Zoe’s had a rough couple of years. Her dad, a football icon, is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Zoe and her brother have their dad in a memory care facility, but it’s extremely expensive. The gym that her dad used to run has fallen in disrepair. The equipment of old, it needs new carpet and paint. Zoe’s credit cards are maxed and she’s late on rent when she’s offered the opportunity of a lifetime. Zoe has been tasked to get Gabe’s shoulder back into shape for the upcoming season or the Bootleggers will cut him from their roster.

Zoe and Gabe’s relationship starts off on the wrong foot. Gabe believes Zoe won’t be able to do as good of a job as a male trainer. Challenge accepted! Zoe’s dealt with chauvinists all her life while running the gym. But Zoe needs the job and the money to care for her dad. She just has to prove she’s the right man, woman for the job! In doing so, she finds Gabe to be a caring, family man.

Loved it! Very well written! Alzheimer’s and caring for the elderly is a HUGE issue in our society. The effects of Alzheimer’s on the patient and their family is devastating! Zoe also harbors a little resentment towards her dad as he often chose football over family when she was younger. But family is everything to Zoe and she’ll do whatever she has to in order to care for him...even train an egotistical football player. I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

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