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A group of soldiers, fleeing from a horrific Seventeenth Century battle, find themselves in a fog-bound wood. In their attempt to find their way through, they become hopelessly lost. Exhausted and confused, they find shelter and fall asleep.
When they wake up, they discover that they are in a mysterious castle, set deep within the woods, that didn’t seem to notice the previous day.
Mendez, the Spanish leader of this desperate group, separated from his men, finds himself locked inside a cell, a prison like no other. It is comfortably furnished. A fire burns in the grate. Food awaits. The door is locked, so why is he being kept here, and who can his jailer be?
Unbeknown to Mendez, all of the men are captured, held in similar rooms. Each awaits their fate patiently. It is a fate worth waiting for.
Within each room, very different experiences are about to begin. The men become the victims – the very willing victims – of a series of physical encounters that will take them to the very height of their sexual desires. It is as if their innermost thoughts had been unlocked and set free, and each was given the chance to become consumed by passion, lust and total submission. Fantasies become realities in this endlessly fascinating and mysterious castle. Secret desires, longing, and needs are brought to the fore, stripping away the restricting layers of morality. This may well be a prison, but would anyone seriously ever wish to leave?
Even in the throes of passion, however, there lurks a dreadful truth. Marianne, the Mistress of this tantalizing place, has forged a deal with the powers of darkness in order to bring sweet revenge on every man she encounters. Subjected to a horrific ordeal herself – retold through a series of memory flashbacks that give reason for her actions – she is now determined that every man she meets will suffer the most delicious, agonizing sexual torment before they are finally subjected to the ultimate punishment. She cannot, and will not forgive what happened to her, but she certainly wishes to take as much pleasure as she can from the male body.
Can anyone survive their ordeal… and does anyone really want to?

Fiction & Literature
January 28
My Pouty Lips
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