Defiant Guardians Defiant Guardians

Defiant Guardians

Jacob Peppers and Others
    • 3.6 • 47 Ratings

Publisher Description

A Collection of Epic Fantasy Tales from Five Wizards of Fantasy

The Silent Blade - by Jacob Peppers

The Downs, the poor district of the city of Avarest, is home to cutthroats and thieves, pickpockets and prostitutes, all of whom pay tribute to one of two powerful crime bosses. It is also home to Aaron Envelar, a disillusioned sellsword known as the Silent Blade, who cares nothing for the criminal overlords or their schemes, who only wants to survive and make a little coin in the process.

But when a group of unwitting thugs steal his mother's necklace, the only link he has to his murdered parents, Aaron decides that sometimes gold isn't enough—sometimes, blood is the only payment worth taking. And whatever else will come, this time, he will not be silent. After all, when you take everything from a man, what else does he have to lose?

The Killings at Rockman's Ford - by D.W. Hawkins

A dangerous fugitive. A deadly secret. An unwelcome champion.

For generations, the seasons have turned with indifference to the sleepy hamlet of Rockman's Ford. Residents and visitors alike would say it's a delightful place where terrible things don't happen—not murder, and never sorcery. Those things happen to other people in other places.

When a man is found murdered by hostile magic, the peaceful illusion is rocked by the emergence of dark secrets.
For D'Jenn Pike, a Warlock of the Conclave, hostile magic is an everyday occurrence. When he's asked to help find the killer, his soul is tested by the chase. With bodies mounting, D'Jenn is all that stands between Rockman's Ford and vengeful magic, but his courage could get him hanged alongside the murderer.

The guilty must pay, but the gods have no interest in justice.

The Renegade Apprentice - by Andy Peloquin

A fight to the death. The prize: freedom.

Evren hates the endless torments and cruelties of his life as an apprentice priest. When he finds the opportunity to flee, he seizes it in both fists. 

But the streets of Vothmot hold their own share of dangers. He must battle street thugs, rival gangs, even his own trusted comrades to truly be free.

Dragon Born - by Aaron Hodges

For five long years, Enala has lived in exile. And for five years she has trained, mastering the arts of war and survival. Yet she remains trapped, forbidden to leave the boundaries of the forest. Smothered by her parents, she longs for adventure, for the chance to escape the stagnation of her life. Desperate, Enala turns to the only creatures that might help. The Gold Dragons…

Cambion - by Stevie Collier

A pastor for a mother.

A demon for a father.

The devil wanted a son, and, using his evil trickery, was able to obtain one while simultaneously spitting in God's face.
Follow the path of a teen once loved by everyone who is now hated.

What makes him so different isn't just the horns that sprout from his head, but the powers the devil has bestowed upon him.

Will he use them to slaughter the followers of God? Those who so easily turned their backs on him? Will he accept his heir to the dark throne?

Or, will he use his powers to fight his serpent of a father and all his minions?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 22
Jacob Peppers
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

SoFlo-Yo ,

An OK book

The first few stories were pretty good but the last two were rather boring

JJljones ,

Super good book

I recommend this to everyone. It is a super good collection of stories. I loved every single one. I’m going to look for these authors so I can read more.

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