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The true story, Defining Moments: A Father’s Journey Into His Son’s Addiction, drives readers into an Oxy deal intended to save a young man’s life, walks them through the history of the father who would perpetrate it, climaxes with the disastrous immediate consequences, and ultimately, reveals the healing of an entire family.

This story has drama and action, but it also has some real education: The drugs our kids do are different than the drugs we did. Even drug-savvy parents are unprepared for what’s tempting today’s teens. In 2008, half a million people used Oxycodone for non-medical purposes for the first time. In 2009, one in ten high school seniors abused narcotic painkillers. Today, the numbers are even higher, as Oxy remains one of the only illicit drugs experiencing an increase in popularity and use, and death from drugs has surpassed even auto accidents as a cause of death in the US.

October 30
Bradley V. DeHaven
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Hurleys girie ,


This book will make you laugh and cry, gasp and pray. The words were so heartfelt and meaningful. I felt like I was a fly on the wall of this incredible journey. I do not know any addicts, nor have I been one, but this would be the number one recommended book should I ever come in contact with an addict. Great work on behave of the author, his son, his family, and all that endured this journey with Brandon and allowed the passionate and gruesome journey to be published publicly.

Vilmster ,

Loved it!

Such an amazing story. ❤

DaneMomx3 ,

What an amazing journey

I have lived with an addict all my life. I remember being a small child walking my father through addiction. He is still an addict, and I'm all grown up with kids of my own. Our relationship is not what I had hoped it would be,as I am just tired of the pain and hurt. I can truly relate to this story.

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