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For anyone who has wondered if and how social media can benefit the church, Presbyterian pastor and social media early-adopter Bruce Reyes-Chow steps in with answers. He deftly weaves practical how-to’s with a convincing rationale for why social media matters for the church. Social media novices will find an accessible introduction and ideas for getting started, while more experienced users will discover new ways to use social media in congregations. Readers will learn from Bruce’s experiences managing information overload and navigating social media issues during a pastoral transition. This is a book to pick up for both practical purposes and Bruce’s insightful and inspiring commentary on the ways social media is changing our culture and the church. Learn how social media allows Christians to be in the world in new, powerful, and God-honoring ways.

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July 1
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Customer Reviews

cajames425 ,

good introduction to social media in the church

I'm a Presbyterian pastor and quite a prolific user of social media both in and beyond my church work. Bruce's great book is a solid introduction to social media in the church and addresses the various issues surrounding this emerging technology and its benefits and challenges in the church. He works through some of the theological rationale for social media while also answering some of the more practical questions.

This book will not break new ground for those who are familiar with social media, but it does lay out the basics for the technology and its application to provide a nice introduction for those who are new to it. It blends good (and brief!!) theological reflection with practical advice, and I would highly recommend it.

WriterTigeress ,

Awesome book!

As a young adult in the PCUSA I am so happy that Bruce Reyes-Chow wrote a book that explains a large part of my life to the church. I know social media can be hard to figure out as a church or as a congregational leaders, but when people reach out on social media it feels like someone cares enough to meet me where I am.
Great introduction with great tips on using different kinds of social media. If you don't know where to start, start here.

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