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Alexander “Rush” Markov has been given an ultimatum by his team—shape up or ship out.

Alex is celebrating his biggest season in professional hockey, and he’s enjoying every minute of it—perhaps a little too much. He’s been non-stop partying like a rockstar since his team won it all, and management isn’t pleased. Next thing Alex knows, he’s been exiled to a remote island with orders to lay low, stay out of trouble, and avoid one-night stands.

Rosalind Newcomb is the quintessential good girl, and she’s fine with her role. Sure, she gets lonely and wishes for a special someone, but the choices on Madrona island are slim to none. When a panty-melting mystery man disrupts the peace and quiet in her bookstore, it’s dislike at first sight. The infuriating man turns her ordered life upside down and inside out and has her thinking about hot summer nights and tangled sheets. Only Alex isn’t who she thinks he is, and love isn’t all hearts and roses.

As Alex battles who he pretends to be and who he really is, he also resists falling in love for the first time in his life. His intense feelings have him ready to bolt, and only he can decide if love is worth fighting for.

May 23
Cedrona Enterprises
Cedrona Enterprises

Customer Reviews

sbsbrinson ,


Loved the characters and this true love story. It’s sexy, romantic, and full of ups and downs!

jane2053 ,


Great read

KindleKat64 ,

The player wins!

I love Alex and Rosalind's story! If there is one thing I love to see, it's when a bad boy player meets someone he actually wants to change for. When Alex Markov is sent to Madrona Island by the coach to clean up his act because he has been non-stop binge partying since they won the Cup and that simply wasn't going to fly anymore; he meets Rosalind, and she does not like him at all. This is something new for Alex since he is used to women fawning all over him. She is nothing at all like any other woman he has ever met. Obviously she decides to give him a chance or we would have no story to read. But it is watching the transition in their relationship and their personal growth that is so wonderful and so well written by Jami. Seeing Alex basically taken out of his comfort zone and brought to his knees by Rosalind, who is nothing like the hook-ups he is used to, is just so awesome. She is able to see past his playboy/party boy past and give him a chance to be who he really is deep down when he is with her. Things were not totally smooth sailing, but then that would be boring. Alex is actually quite sweet to go along with all that sexy, and a lot deeper than he portrays himself but he has always hidden that part from the public and even his teammates. Rosalind brings out all the best in him and honestly he does the same for her since she has been hiding a very important part of herself too. I love how all of that plays out for her.
I love what they do for each other and how they make the other blossom. Another great story in this series!

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