Defying Dementia

Understanding and Preventing Alzheimer's and Related Disorders

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How do we motivate ourselves and others to take action or change behavior in response to the threat of dementia - a threat that may or may not be relevant to everyone? Yet, with such high stakes and devastating outcomes, how can we ignore those methods that could be useful in heading off this dreaded scourge? Longtime neurologist Robert Levine argues we cannot continue the way we have, pretending that dementia cannot happen to us. The earlier the campaign is initiated to repel and defend against the threat of dementia, the greater the chances the combatant will emerge victorious. Dementia is merciless, comes in various forms, and does not necessarily discriminate, so taking action early is one of our best defenses. Once dementia has taken hold, however, there are considerable challenges for both the sufferer and his or her loved ones. Levine urges us to take action to prevent the onset of dementia, but also caringly discusses ways to handle it once it takes root. As American society continues to grow older, tackling one of the more confusing and frightening diseases becomes a more urgent need. This book urges understanding, offers preventative measures, considers various treatments, and looks to the future to see where we might be headed. In a new afterword, Levine updates the state of the research into dementia, its causes and constitution, and considers the various approaches both the medical community and everyday people can take to deal with it.

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August 16
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