Defying Gravity - A Forbidden Interracial Romance Novel

(Shattered Cove Series Book 3)

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Publisher Description

"Relevant, emotional, and heartfelt. I know I'll be thinking about this story long after the last page." - Aleatha Romig, New York Times Bestselling Author.

A Black nurse with a teenager to raise. A white cop hiding a tender heart. Do they have what it takes to indulge their forbidden passion?

Caregiver Belle Jones always puts her own needs last on the list. As a busy nurse and sole provider for her teenage brother, she has no time for meaningless hookups. And when her younger sibling arrives home in the backseat of a police car, the fury she feels for his strutting uniformed escort far outweighs her spark of desire.

Sheriff Bently Evans works hard to protect his town… and keep his emotions locked away. When it comes to relationships, that means burying his real feelings behind crass humor and his flirtatious playboy reputation. But after driving a stranded African American teen home, he meets a stunning woman who makes it impossible to sustain his act.

As Belle slowly falls for the rugged lawman’s true gentle nature, she fears he’s not the type to ever commit. And just as Bently is ready to be vulnerable, an ominous warning forces him to push the woman he desires away from a deadly risk.

Will a judgmental society drive a wedge between them, or can they conquer all with their powerful love?

Defying Gravity is the tantalizing third standalone novel in the Shattered Cove contemporary romance series. If you like off-limits passions, socially relevant reads, and couples who triumph over adversity, then you’ll adore A. M. Kusi’s page-turning tale.

Buy Defying Gravity to find hope and healing today!

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October 1
Our Peaceful Family
Marcus Kusi

Customer Reviews

AmberAmazing01 ,

Oh, my heart

I understand and completely get why you wrote the death of TJ the way that you did. I also did not appreciate it at all that it happened. I come to these stories for the escape from trauma and to witness people healing. When that young man died so senselessly, I was traumatized and triggered from that experience. I haven’t stopped crying and could barely finish the book. I want to say again, I understand why it is in the book and I was expecting something like that to happen, but, I think you could have made your point less tragically. For example, maybe it could have been a different person, and not a character written in the novel. Or, have TJ and Parsons have the interaction, Bentley get there and see Parsons with his gun out and talks him down and shows him the error of his ways. With everything happening on the news and all over social media, I do not need to be reminded of the atrocious acts that are committed in this world in that way. I recently found your novels, and have really enjoyed them, but that one storyline has left a hole in my heart and I don’t think I can continue to read the series. I will always be thinking of that tragedy and waiting for it to happen again, I don’t come to these for real world heartbreak like that. I come for the healing experience I felt with the first 2 novels, where bad things happen to people or have happened to people, but they do not end in tragedy, they end in a lesson. Once again, I completely understand why it is there, but I want you all to understand that even though you are shining a light on the killing of unarmed black people in America, you are also re-traumatizing people in the process, and that gets in the way of all your hard work. I can’t say enough how much I really appreciate what you are trying to do, but I also can’t stress enough how horrible that storyline was, and I am very sad that I read it. I should point out with Mia’s parents storyline, and her life, that was done so incredibly well. I understood the pain and all the emotions and it opened my eyes to where we as a country have to do better when it comes to immigration and becoming and citizenship. I hope you all find value in what I have to say, and really take in my words, because, you have a great way of telling a story that captures all the real and necessary social conversations we need to be having. This is a great opportunity for you all to be part of healing peoples hearts. Other than that one storyline, I have enjoyed the first 3 novels, I don’t think I can continue the series, but really think you all are on to something fantastic. My heart just can’t take it after this.

Nikkibobbie ,

Please please read!

I can’t tell you how this book is so awesome! Worth EVERY DIME! The dialogue is perfect. The story is perfect! Love love love this book

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