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Falling in Love Can Be Lethal

Emma Ludlow's temperature is rising and it's not because of the sweltering Florida sun. Her lucrative business is slaughter and bloodshed. All she wants is peace and quiet in Eden to plot her latest murder. However, a much-adored celebrity chef is in Eden, too. The man is insufferable with an overblown ego she's dying to... kill. His slow smile may be Delicious, but she won't taste it, not again.

Being famous and wealthy isn't everything it's cracked up to be. Oscar Zamani learned that life lesson the hard way when he let the seductive Emma slip through his fingers. Now an Invitation To Eden has given him a chance to show her that, this time, he can be trusted.

But little does Oscar know that Emma has a dark secret.

A secret that might be Deadly to his heart.

December 4
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MsRomanticReads ,

What I did read was okay, but the characters didn't hold my interest until the end.

*Purchased and read as part of THE BAD BOYS OF EDEN: Billionaires, Alphas, Bikers, and Doms Boxed Set.

Part of a Series: Ludlow Hall #8
Tags: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Reunited Lovers, Second chance at love, Interracial
Length: 14 Chapters

The author and Ludlow Hall series were new to me prior to Delicious and Deadly, but I had no problem following the story or all the characters involved. With that said, the story was okay. I read up until a certain point and stopped; not because I didn't like it though. But more on that later.

Two years ago, the passion between Emma and Oscar flared red hot. They were in love, but she was crushed when he "chose his military career over her" (I put that in parentheses because he didn't exactly choose, it was his job, and he got deployed for a year on a secret mission with a communication black out). Six months later, she met a senator hopeful, got swept off her feet and married him. Fast forward to the present and both their lives were about to become entwined once again, with the help of some meddling best friends.

I liked Emma. Despite having been through hell with her now ex-husband, she managed to free herself of him. I'm honestly pleased that it wasn't one of those situations where he was able to use power and money to intimidate her. She may have come from an affluent family, but she had carved out a great career for herself and she had friends she could count on. While she still had several learned habits thanks to her abusive ex, she was okay with having sex with Oscar, but she was afraid of making another mistake with a man who could break her heart all over again.

Oscar seemed a little less fleshed out by comparison. We learned of his military background, his family background and his current job working for one of his best friends. By description, he also seemed to have a thriving career, but he was often depicted as moody or brooding. When he ran into Emma on Eden, he suddenly became rather pushy. Case in point, they fell into bed again pretty quickly and an ill-timed proposal followed by his feelings getting hurt just made him seem a little selfish.

Additional drama came from Emma's stuck up and, dare I say, racist mother who had cleverly manipulated Emma from the start. After much back and forth, Emma finally dealt with her mother. That's where I stopped reading because I knew Emma was going to go to Oscar, but I just didn't feel compelled to read on to find out what else was in store for them. The sex was sufficiently sweaty and hot, but if you have an issue with characters ignoring the use of protection or even mentioning it, then you might not enjoy this. The story was okay, but it didn't whet my appetite for the other Ludlow Hall books.

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