Deliver Us from Evil

True Cases of Haunted Houses and Demonic Attacks Taken from the Files of Ed and Lorraine Warren Demonologist and Medium

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Deliver Us From Evil, by J. F. Sawyer, is the first book to introduce Ed and Lorraine Warren and their unique occupation to the world.  All cases in this book are prior to 1973.  Since the first publication of this book, the Warren's have gone on to become known as the original ghost hunters.  Together they've been involved in ghost hunting for over fifty-five years throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Scotland, Great Britain and Europe to name only a few places.  They became known worldwide with investigations of the WestPoint Military Academy, Amityville Horror, The Haunting in Connecticut, Brookfield Demon Murder Case and Jack and Janet Smurl case to name a few.

The cases in this book are the first published cases taken from the files of Ed Warren, a demonologist, now deceased, and his wife, Lorraine Warren, an active medium.  The cases are filled with tragic possessions, ghostly infestations and demonic obsessions.  Deliver Us From Evil does not ignore the potential potency of curses, spells, Voodoo dolls, ceremonies, especially for those who have opened themselves up to supernatural infestation. 

Despite the fact that the Warren's are Catholic by belief and practice, Ed says, “I believe that any religion which teaches the love of our fellow man and the love of God is based on a sound foundation.  Because I was brought up as a Catholic, I tend to use Catholic methods in my work.  If I were in one of the deepest jungles of the world where so-called “primitive” witch doctors of a good nature were present, I would not hesitate for a moment to ask for their help in exorcism rites."

The case studies chronicled in this book are a kind of universality of evil spirits, how they operate and what they do.  In various stories the Warren's point out how spirits move from infestation, the first stage and the mildest state, to the more dangerous obsession and finally the last and worse stage, possession.  The only difference between obsession and the last stage, possession, is one of degree.  Deliver Us From Evil describes these experiences in an entirely no-holds-barred way. 

If you study these stories and these phenomena carefully, you find that one opens the door to infestation, obsession and possession by careless fixation on the occult, playing with the Ouija board, toying with Satanism or black magic.  One archetypical connection is the Ouija BoardAccording to Ed Warren, "This object, often regarded as a harmless toy, is the way that ordinary people are often lured into making a dangerous connection to the other world."  In fact, of the fourteen cases discussed in this, five of them are initiated by contact with an Ouija Board.

The Warrens have tenaciously pursued this phenomena for so many years and witnessed people that have been tragically affected by apparitions, ghost whisperings, brutal and unexplained explosions, strange footsteps in the night, uninvited incursions into the privacy of their bedrooms, including various physical attacks on their person, one can only say Ed and Lorraine Warren must be very brave people indeed. 

This book is not entirely about exorcism and many of these stories do not conclude with happy endingsIt is more a book about the existence of these forces and how these supernatural events follow a certain pattern.

To sum up the point of Deliver Us From Evil, it would probably be to teach you of the reality of paranormal or supernatural forces rather than to cite an easy route to deliverance.  The title of this book is a phrase taken from the Lord’s Prayer - Lead us not unto temptation, but Deliver Us From Evil.

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June 24
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Customer Reviews

Leamkjjh ,

Not bad but not awesome

The stories in this book are pretty interesting, I just wish that there was more info on what happened to the people at the end of each story. They each kind of stop at the peak of activity. Other than that is not bad, it is a quick read, should have been less expensive for the amount of pages and length of the book.

misspiggylicious ,


I have this book, but i couldn't force myself to finish it. Writing is bad. It seemed like a 12 yr old kid wrote the book and meant for kids for late night storytelling.

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