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The Sphere of Ingar has been destroyed, but a growing wind of rebellion leads to a new threat. The dwarf queen, Yave, declares war on the algors. Ryson Acumen attempts to intervene as the algors fight for their very existence and the elves threaten to unleash their own weapon of sheer terror. The overriding need that brought the races together is gone, and the land of Uton fractures into chaos.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 3
Jeff Inlo
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

The ham and bacon ,

I've read 4 of the 5

They pretty good but they get monotonous so 4 stars

DumbledorBoB ,

A great and very detailed story

I have for the most part extremely enjoyed reading the Delver series. The author has a very good knack at story telling. And at detail. I might say maybe even a little too much detail at times? A case in point would be some rather long explanations about has a character feels and senses things before stating their comment; sometimes the explanation is a lot longer that the comment.

I am glad that each book is a complete story within itself, something some other multi-book stories don't do ( some feel like a single story just broken into several parts, maybe to ask for that much more $$$ ???).

BUT, if you like intelligent stories of magic and the creatures that go with it, one that is an easy read but yet flows very well, I highly recommend this Delver series.

Thank you, Jeff Inlo. No onto book three!

Kayzara50 ,

Delver Magic 2

Am enjoying your books.

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