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Ryson Acumen reflects on his past encounter with Reiculf, the lord of all demons, as he considers the overwhelming significance of witnessing his own soul. Upon returning to Uton, the delver's unquenchable curiosity blossoms, and Ryson begins a new quest to understand the spiritual mystery which takes substance in his mind. As he begins a journey to appreciate the depth of his inner essence, he meets an old adversary on a quest of his own.

During the battle with Reiculf, Neltus lost his magical core. Without it, he is unable to embrace the crimson energy. Unwilling to exist as a coreless wizard, Neltus forges a path to regain what was taken from him. Without the delver's knowledge, he joins forces with creatures of far more wicked intent.

From the desert to the western shores, Neltus leads Ryson through twisted passages of betrayal. Foes from the past combine forces to threaten every level of existence, and Ryson Acumen is forced to face a warped menace in a new realm of deceit.

In one devastating wave of upheaval, demons are freed from the restrictions which held them within their breeding grounds. Colossal fiends capable of destroying entire cities are unleashed on the land, and the delver faces a whirlwind of treachery as he stumbles from one disaster to another.

While the threats to Uton continue to grow, Ryson takes control of the battle and brings the fight back to the demons' breeding grounds. Returning his focus to his initial quest, Ryson breaks through new barriers and allows a growing enlightenment of his spiritual essence to guide him against his enemies. A new perspective of the soul offers the one path which may allow him to defeat the devious menace and save all of Uton.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 18
Jeff Inlo
Smashwords, Inc.

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