Demon Betrayed

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Katana Midland can’t catch a break. She finally sells her first big graphic novel—complete with the scorching hot guardian angel who’s been haunting her dreams—only to have her apocalyptic tale come to life. 


Now there are magic bombs dropping on New York, demons running through the streets, and a deadly cabal of sorcerers gunning for her and her angel. Has she finally met the perfect hero only to lose him?


Hugh of the Syx, the most devious demon of an elite squad of brutal enforcers, has a problem. His one shot at redemption is to convince a human female that he’s—wait for it—an angel, because she’s more psychic than a box of Magic 8 Balls and the Syx’s only chance at fixing a world gone mad. 


From the moment Hugh jumps off the page and into Kat’s life, she triggers emotions he didn’t know he could feel—and desires he wants more than anything to be real. But every step they get closer to the end of Katana’s twisted tale is one step closer to their story ending, forever. 


The truth will never set you free when you’re a Demon Betrayed.

September 29
Elewyn Publishing
Jennifer Stark

Customer Reviews

Setra Seafarer ,

Free will can really get you

The latest installment in the tale of redemption for the Syx starts with the introduction of Katana, an aspiring graphic novel illustrator. Hugh comes into the story later in the aftermath of latest attack from the Shadow Court. Both Katana and Hugh are set to deceive each other; of course for the others protection. Trust for these two is not easily given or accepted having been burnt by trust in the past.

Both come to understand there is more to see than meets the eye. Strange events are changing the world forever and the pair must work to find and stop the Shadow Courts nefariousness plans. The only problem is Katana doesn’t know her stories are more than panels she has drawn, the reality of her art is much greater and Hugh doesn’t trust humanity. What could go wrong?

A wonderful setup for an intriguing tale of hope and redemption. As always a pleasure to read even with the dark nature of the world. Free will is what damns us and free will is what can save us. Looking forward to the next and last(?) in the series where all of the Syx will have had their shot at redemption. Read on with relish!

math wizard ,


Such an interesting book! Katana has such an unusual gift for a connected. She has envisioned Hugh since she was a child and the future has many outcomes. To say too much would spoil the story but it is so amazing! Learn about possible outcomes of the future and Michael part in the future.

Note Card: Free from LearnSmart ,

Demon Betrayed is the redemption story we didn’t realize we were waiting for

Katana, a graphic artist/oracle, is a fresh and dynamic character. She has such an amazing ability, yet has been taught to doubt herself. But when the world falls apart she leaps into action, in a very uncharacteristic manner, both to set things on the right path and to save her “Guardian Angel.”

Enter Hugh, an Angel charged to protect humanity. Millenia ago he wanted humans to be a little more self-reliant and told them a lie to boost their confidence. Of course they humans took it too far, causing Hugh to be cast out. But now in order for Katana to help save the world, more lies of comfort and encouragement, and of his true identity, must be told.

This is a fast-paced book filled with a lot of exciting twists. To me, it’s much more than a book in a spin-off series that the other wonderful Demon Enforcers books have been. It is a roadmap to where the whole world built with the foundation of the Immortal Vegas & Wilde Justice series are ready to go. And the roads are wide open for adventure.
*This is my favorite Demon Enforcers book so far, but one more is yet to come!

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