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Chaos is his element…until a mortal woman’s touch snares his heart.

Catalina Castillo should be happy in her renovated vineyard house, weaving intricate tapestries. But her nights echo with emptiness — until she hears her name whispered on the wind, and a man steps out from among the vines. 

He’s tall, black-haired, a stranger — and then he shifts. He’s the Lord of Chaos, the demon who helped the Castillo clan defeat their arch-enemy. When she offers him shelter, she’s not sure if it’s family honor or her body talking.

After months of being stranded on Earth, Loc has finally found a warlock with the power to send him back to his own world. But the dark New Orleans spellcaster wants something in return. Cat is the key to capturing the prize, but as desire weaves its spell between them, Loc finds himself struggling with something he’s rarely bothered with…a conscience.

With the demon realm calling him home, their attraction can never be more than that. But when the warlock kidnaps Cat, Loc realizes what he stands to lose. If he doesn’t act fast, she won’t need her innate ability to talk to ghosts. Because she’ll be one of them herself….

Demon Born is the fifth novel in the Witches of Canyon Road series, a spin-off from Christine Pope’s bestselling Witches of Cleopatra Hill books. Although characters from previous books in the series appear, this is a standalone paranormal romance.

October 31
Dark Valentine Press
Joy Sillesen

Customer Reviews

IAGram ,

Another great book!

I loved Demon Born by Christine Pope!
Note: this review contains spoilers!
Not only was I happy to read Cat’s story when she wasn’t going to become the prima, but Loc’s story was wonderful!
Loc’s character was so well developed, his observations on what earth looks like made me take a second look even if there is a foot of snow out there! The author did an excellent job of helping him decide where he wanted to be and with whom he wanted to be.
And Cat and Edgar pulling all of the ghosts out of the cemetery was awesome! This would make a great movie!
Wonderful chapters, great descriptions, and a great plot make this one of my favorites!
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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