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Now that’s he’s escaped his prison, he’s going to make the dragons pay for what they did.

Eons ago, humanity punished Luc’s people by banishing them to another realm. The demons adapted to their new world, changed their violent ways and ditched their monstrous alter egos. They lived in peace and prosperity until the dragon mages joined them in exile—and killed them to survive.

Now, there is only one demon left and he’s ready for revenge.

Luc’s plans to rule the world don’t bother Elspeth in the least, a man should have a goal in life. As for his perpetual frown, she’s determined to turn it upside down. All he needs is a great big hug, and if she’s lucky he won’t break like the other boys do. He might even be strong enough to handle her in bed.

But first she’s got to convince her king not to lynch him because apparently someone’s been sucking the souls of dragons. If they’re right, and Luc is to blame, then she might be next.

October 25
Eve Langlais
Eve Langlais

Customer Reviews

Alissa Robertson ,


I have totally loved this series!! The women are snarky & smart & the men are hunks! There’s an actual story line & not just page after page of sex scenes. And Babette definitely deserves a happy ending!

Crystal Watson 3513 ,

Absolutely wonderful sinfully delicious

Before I start my review you asked should you do one more? Heck Yes you should please oh please! I ain't to proud to beg! Alright enough of me begging let's get to the book shall we? Well well well we finally see Luc in this story and Elspeth. Oh Lord love a duck loved her. Luc has escaped the Hell world and landed on earth. He's determined to kill every Dragon there to avenge his people. Elspeth is not your typical dragon. She's a lovely girl who likes to help people and has manners. When Elspeth and Babette are sent in a mission to find missing human and dragon girls well it's Babette so you no it's gonna be an adventure. Luc doesn't no what to think of Elspeth he wants her but he doesn't want her lol. Elspeth has a secret one that she keeps from everyone and if she can't get Luc to find himself she just my lose herself. I freaking love this series. Hands down one of the just have series of the year!!! Oh one more thing if you do write another one can it please be Babette's story!!

nryther ,

My favorite in this series!

This story. It had action and intrigue, passion and humor. Luc’s heartbreaking history and Elspeth’s need to be positive seem like the two are oil and water. But when the sparks fly, they were gasoline. I absolutely loved every single word of this story, start to finish, and will definitely need to read it again.

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