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Would you like to understand the last book of the Bible—the one that everyone avoids? Would you like to understand the wonderful hope that Bible prophecy really means?

Dr. True will explain how John, writing 2000 years ago while a Roman prisoner, taught that your life can become an adventure as you hike into the future recognizing familiar events as they occur.

Is it possible that the 7 visions of Daniel are keys to understanding the 7 visions of John? Is it possible a good Islamic diplomat will bring a temporary peace treaty to the Middle East? Could he be shot to near death and apparently experience a resurrection?

Could a portion of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount become a sovereign international city-state controlled by the United Nations? Is it possible Israel will be caught in a major war between northern Shiites and southern Sunnis?

Your faith will be reassured as these things happen just as they are foretold.

Is it possible a good Pope will quietly abandon orthodoxy and his flock, and in the name of diversity embrace universal salvation, even for Islamic terrorists? Is it possible a Roman bank will become the center of a rich international cartel controlling climate change taxes?

Mystery Babylon will seem much less mysterious to you.

Would you like to have hope in a bright future for the earth, rather than be depressed by the apparent never ending wars and ongoing despicable cruelty of man to man?

Read this book and learn to see current apocalyptic events in real time as necessary precursors to a glorious terrestrial kingdom of creativity and peace.

Randall L. True M.D. has degrees in Philosophy, Natural Science, and Medicine from the University of Illinois and is board certified in Psychiatry from the University of California at Davis.

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January 15
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