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The football match programme has been around since the mid-1880s, when it was just a simple list of players names printed on card. Over time they have transformed into the glossy, full colour publications of up to 100 pages that we have become used to today.

On the day of the game the matchday programme provides all the necessary information for the spectator to tell them about the teams, players, what is going on within all aspects of the club. Once the game has finished the programme gets put away and becomes a collectable item, and its value may appreciate substantially. Some people have made a career of buying and selling football programmes and memorabilia where the profits to be gained from older or rarer items can be enormous.

Andy Ellis’ Derby County FC: Home Programme History a selection of over 85 programme covers, looking back at the development of the Derby County football programme and how it has developed from a simple list of players in the early 1900s, through the relatively standard format and advert laden 50s and 60s, the innovative newspaper of the 1970s to the modern full colour, glossy programme with an additional poster in a plastic bag in 2012.

Whilst Derby’s programme has undergone many changes over the years with the regular redesign of the size, shape and packaging, the main ingredients of the standard programme from 100 years ago are still present. Whether you are a collector or not, this fascinating history of the Derby County home programme is a must read for all Rams fans. 

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January 30
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