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They're hanging by a thread against a deadly menace. Can they hold out?

The Drahkian Empire is on the move. The worlds of Merope in the Pleiadian cluster are under attack and the starship fleets from Alcyone and Maia have come to their aid in a united effort to defend against the reptilians.

Using unknown means to transport ships at will and break through planetary portal defenses, the invading warband gains foothold and expands its conquests one world at a time. As the Drahks advance, Alcyoni captain Magnus Talrésian struggles to cope with the challenges of watching friends die and entire populations fall to brutal Salaal, his frustrations compounded further by lagging support from politicians back home.

While the Pleiadians battle for Merope, in far-off Sirius, a colony of Makhás adepts struggles for survival in caverns deep below the surface of Lyonnae. Kirian Vall, young leader of the Makhás and sworn protector of the last great Khalama starship, searches desperately for the keys to repair their torn portal in order to escape Lyonnae before they are hunted down by the violent Shitza and their off-world reptilian masters.

Two leaders, two struggles, and behind the scenes of both, an invisible hand plants the seeds to lead them into a future that could change the game for all of them.

–"They're coming. It's not a matter of if, but when."

The second of three prequels, this stand-alone novel tells the backstory of multiple characters who appear in the epic science fantasy series T’nari Renegades–Pleiadian Cycle.

EXCERPT INCLUDED from Blood of the Prime, Book I: “The Elder's Offering”

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 5
Erin MacMichael
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