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New York Times bestselling author Wilbur Smith—hailed by Stephen King as the “best historical novelist” and one of the world’s biggest-selling authors—returns to Ancient Egypt in this breathtaking epic that conjures the magic, mystery, romance, and bloody intrigue of a fascinating lost world.

Game of Thrones meets Ancient Egypt in this magnificent, action-packed epic. On the gleaming banks of the Nile, the brilliant Taita—slave and advisor to the Pharaoh—finds himself at the center of a vortex of passion, intrigue, and danger. His quest to destroy the Hyksos army and form an alliance with Crete takes him on an epic journey up the Nile, through Arabia and the magical city of Babylon, and across the open seas. With the future of Egypt itself on his shoulders, Taita enters a world where the line between loyalty and betrayal shifts like the desert sands, evil enemies await in the shadows, and death lingers on the edges of darkness.

Fiction & Literature
October 21
William Morrow

Customer Reviews

WT Sherman ,

Desert God

This book would follow River God. So, it's the new second in the Egyptian series. It is a solid read and chocked full of standard action that will continue to pull you in like River God, Warlock, and The Quest. Smith has not lost his touch. He's got us chomping at the bit for the next one now!

Enjoy the "gap" being filled and learning how Taita goes from Lord to Magus.

Longhorn5555 ,

Rambling, uninteresting....

This silly contrived story meanders between boring, gratuitous soft porn and supernatural drivel injected for no apparent reason other than to fill pages and to substitute for actual plotting... On my deathbed I'm really going to resent the time I spent trying to get through this book.

VixInc ,

Not as good as the first three

But, it's still Taita and Egyptian history. Good read

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