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Desert Venom

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In the dying embers of the British Empire, a broken veteran is about to make a killing.

It should have been a glamourous first posting for junior pilot Rob May. Flying the latest RAF jet, the Venom, from an overseas airfield near exotic Baghdad.

But the Royal Air Force is being chased out by a government looking to throw off its imperial ties.

Paired with an irascible and eccentric flight commander, Squadron Leader 'Bunny' Pater-Smith, May finds himself plunged head-first into the chaos of the evacuation and a hidden plan to profit from the situation.

In a mix of biting desert sandstorms, an unpredictable flight commander and a corrupt member of the Iraqi royal family, May must choose his next step carefully.

His life depends on it.

A Cold War novella from James Blatch, Desert Venom evokes the golden age of military jets among the dying embers of the British empire.


What they said about Blatch's first two Cold War novels:

"…a beautifully structured story, full of intriguing characters and a pulsating finale'

Sir John Major, former British Prime Minister

"This is a beautifully written book and is the best military book I've read since Mark 'Billy' Billingham's "The Hard Way" and Andy McNab's 'Bravo Two Zero!"

Mark Llewhellin

"James Blatch writes with an authority and authenticity that transports you mind and soul into a 1960s RAF test squadron."

Nathan Van Coups

"…a gripping novel from such an accomplished journalist."

Five-star review

"As an ex-RAF technician I was totally absorbed by this rollerball of a story."

Five-star review

"I was rapidly and inexorably drawn deep into the world of Test Flying. Having worked at Boscombe Down some 4 decades after the time this story is set, I soon found myself saying "Yep, I know just what he means!" or "That reminds me of when I….!"

Five-star review

"I must admit that I became hooked on this book and by the end couldn't put it down! Exciting and a cracking ending!"

Five-star review

"A wonderful book, capturing the spirt of the period and injecting some heart stopping action into this thrill ride. There was a moment in this book where I had to put it down and go for a walk to organize my thoughts, such was the devasting revelation, but it which ultimately served to make me feel closer to the characters."

Five-star review

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February 14
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