Designed to Succeed, Programmed to Fail

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We are designed to succeed in life however, when we live our lives with wrong thoughts, beliefs and practices, we program ourselves to fail. This is especially true when it comes to women, who are denied freedom and opportunity in life.

Through the course of history, women have broken barriers and achieved levels of freedom. In today’s political climate, how far should women’s rights and freedom still change? Women are not yet free in many ways. When you blow out the light in women, by taking away her freedom and forcing her to abide by social rules that goes against her best interest, she lives a life in darkness, and this has a direct impact on the progress of societies around the globe.

Designed to Succeed, Programmed to Fail is here to challenge our present-day standards. Part memoir, part self-help, this book provides examples of both the social conditioning and discrimination women and young girls face in societies today. It gives guidance for how to alter thought patterns that are no longer serving our communities and our daughters. This book challenges readers to confront beliefs that may be rooted in outdated systems of governing. It guides you to discover your path to happiness, by taking control of your life. If you are in search of happiness you cannot lead with ego and fear; we must lead with love and compassion.

Designed to Succeed, Programmed to Fail is an important book for today’s society. Every person is wholly deserving of their life and the freedom to live in accordance with what makes them happy. This book explores topics to achieve success and happiness in life, amid strong social practices that doesn’t serve us. It touches on various topics to achieve a life filled with joy.

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October 8
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