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Designer Pinwheels are patchwork quilts based on four-fold rotation of a tessellated right triangle: sounds challenging and fun, and it is!

Discover how to design original Designer Pinwheels from scratch. Follow carefully detailed instructions to draw a basic repeat unit by hand or on computer. Continue simple sketching to break up the unit’s interior space. Replicate and rotate the repeat unit through four positions, and create an original Designer Pinwheel!

Learn to control the size of Designer Pinwheels by working backwards from quilt to repeat unit. Discover the secrets of good composition. Work for harmony and balance, and push dynamic movement to the max. Work to achieve a strong focal point and let everything else flow around it.

Design and add borders to Designer Pinwheels. Learn creative new ways to think about borders and experiment with clever ways to work with them. Tweak all aspects of a design to make each one the best it can be. Best of all, learn how to break the symmetry to create greater interest!

Gain new skills for sewing original Designer Pinwheels. Learn the best sewing aids and methods to empower any quilter to interpret any design in fabric. Improve insight into fabric selection. Pick up pointers on color schemes, and appreciate the value of value!

Find step-by-step instructions for improved sewing methods:

——-Point-to-point piecing
——-Half-seam piecing
——-Inset angle piecing
——-Outline piecing
——-Basic and advanced apple-piecing

Develop a piecing strategy, one that makes Designer Pinwheels pull together in the easiest possible ways.

Grapple with embellishments, those special additions that can add so much to a quilt. Find ways to embellish both before and after quilting.

Finally, explore the world of advanced design for Designer Pinwheels. Introduce and sew curves, change orientation, work with multiple units. Skew to create off-center focal points.

The possibilities for new and ever more exciting Designer Pinwheels are unlimited. Let this comprehensive e-book show you how to become an original patchwork quilt designer. Let the fun begin!

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September 13
Dena Dale Crain
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